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Reading My Erotic Stories

By: Sultry Alice

Page 1, Just a G rated poem about reading my erotica and my future as a erotic writer.


In under 24 hours I got over two-thousand reads

Erotica; both entertaining and filling some needs

Part of me wants to see what goes on in the room

Men and women pleasuring themselves, I presume


Only 1 out of 400, bother to leave a comment at all

And the few that do are mostly loyal fans; as I recall

I assume if people can read my almost 3,000 words

That they’d know how to write or that’d be absurd


I don’t expect my fans to read all my work on this site

If erotica is not their thing, reading it wouldn’t be right

I will probably not be writing full erotica here any more

It was a goal of mine from day one; that I couldn’t ignore


I am not all that embarrassed, writing the sexy scene

I don’t find the common language particularly obscene

I discovered the fact, writing erotica can be very boring

After so many licks, sucks and kisses, I’m almost snoring


So if you’re one of the 400 that likes my kind of write

You should encourage me, and tell about your delight

Otherwise it is back to mild romance stories for me

And that’s all you will find here when you log in to see


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