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What is Sexy?

By: Sultry Alice

Page 1, My attempt at defining SEXY! The old adage, \"Sex Sells\" is actually creating SEXY and grabbing attention.


                    What is Sexy?


Sexy means appealing in an interesting way

Sexually suggestive or stimulating, so to say

Tending to arouse desire; attractive to you

Intending to provoke sexual interest, too


A sexy smile, a sexy walk, or a sexy dress

A sexy sports car, sexy man, or a sexy breast

A sexy woman, sexy underwear, or a sexy ring

Sexy fingers, sexy lips, or a sexy ding-a-ling


What’s sexy to one person, might not be to the next

It’s what stimulates you, and makes your senses flex

What arouses your desire? What is attractive to you?

What excites your sexual cravings? Makes you pursue


Social media, friends and advertisers, help set the stage

Trying to convince us what to like; what’s the latest rage

Television and movies programming our every desire

Repeatedly convincing us, what we yearn to acquire


Sexy is a perception that is cultivated within our mind

Contrived by programming and sensory input combined

If you get sexually aroused, touching silk, nylon or lace

Then wearing or touching those fabrics, is sexy in that case


Feeling sexy is having confidence to cause arousal and want

Knowing you can sexually stimulate others; you tend to flaunt

You don’t have to be beautiful or handsome to be a sexy one

You just portray something people really desire, and you’re done


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