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Boy cant find his way

By: Tarr

Page 1, A boy finds a good home.

There was a boy who didn't go home,

His parents beat him, like a prisoner beats stone,

At school he hid his wounds,

He couldn't go on, he was succumbed,

Until one day he found a nice family,

The house was full and kinda crammy,

But they were nice and provided him food,

Why oh why could they be so good,

Already having kids,

They shouldn't have to give,

So the boy thought he was a bother,

He wouldn't let the family help him any further,

So he left again on a journey,

Soon after the family took after filled with worry,

They finally found him,

They told him, he didn't bother them,

So he returned HOME finally,

In that house he lived happily,

For he had no other place he could call HOME,

Or any other family to call his own.

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