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Make My Own Path

By: Tarr

Page 1, I cannot decide which way is right...

As I walked down a long dirt road,

I passed someone that I deeply loathe,

He had hurt so many people before,

So I decided to keep going my way, keep moving forward,

As I continued walking, another person passed me,

This guy was sad, that's not who I want to be,

Then I came to an intersection, there were 3 different people,

I asked each one, which way is more useful,

One man said, take a left for wealth,

Another man said, take a right for your self,

But the last man said, if you're true to your word,

You will take the straight road,

This way is to be self-made, and courteous,

To give to others and be so righteous,

I stood for awhile, thinking which way is for me,

I can't decide which road will make me who I want to be,

I made my decision, I continued moving straight,

The others seemed filled with so much hate,

I soon realized, many had not walked this path,

I grew so happy, for I made my own way, without any maps.

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