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One Night Stand?

By: texluv82

Page 1, A passionate night with hopes of tomorrow.

You bite my lip as your hand moves towards the button of my jeans and I begin to caress your breast as we move to the bed. Clothes off now , momentary magic begins as I move my head between you thighs and begin blessing you with oral pleasure. Sounds of ecstasy fill the dark and still air providing an orchestra of listening pleasure to my ears as well as our neighbors and its at that moment we both realize that every rule we ever had in reference to these moments are being broken. Our first encounter which started with casual conversation , smiles and hopes of the evening ending with promises for us seeing each other again , is now filled with a high of sexual adrenaline and the existence of the fact that after this we might not ever go down this road with one another again. So we pause from pleasure and stare into each other's eyes , searching for visions of a future beyond tonight ..searching for that thing that could reassure us this isn't a onetime affair. Some minutes pass and I move to grab my shirt , not to get dressed , but to cover your body . I follow that with a kiss on the your cheek and  I place my hand in yours , laying back to rest my head on the pillow. With a sigh of relief accompanied with a smile  , you rest your head on my chest and whisper .."Tomorrow looks promising."


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