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By: ToughCookie

Page 1, Im verging between anorexia nervosa and binge eating disorder. I\'m so confused.

Frustration and anger

Where do I stand now?

I’m torn between beauty and perfection

And comfort and affection

To eat or not to eat

That is the question

Shakespeare couldn’t solve this

Now neither can I

Such a hard transition

When Ana isn’t strong enough

But she still has feelings

Starving isn’t good enough

Self-control is out the window

You binge and binge

To find control

I’ve lost control

Food or not

Eat or not.

7000 calories.

Two hundred and fifty.

Every day, thrice a day.

Barely twice a week.

I’m stuck.

Can you help?

I’m torn between death and hell.





No-one wins and no-one fights.

No-one lives, no-one survives.

I want to be thin.

I want to be perfect.

Food, God damn you.

You’re not even worth it.

Such a miniscule problem,

For one sane person.

The end of the road for me.

I’m crazy.



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