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I Drempt One Night

By: xEMMAx

Page 1, When Love Is Lost...


I dreamt one night
Of dreaming spires
And marble stairs and halls
I dreamt that night
Of heavenly choirs
Of children walking tall
And I dreamt a dream of you
Never changing or decayed
And now that I’m full awake
Your face won’t go away

I dreamt one night
I heard your voice
So soft in my ear
You came at night
You had no choice
To take away my fear
And in my sweet dream of you
You said you hadn’t died
But when I woke you weren’t here
And in my dream you lied

I dreamt a dream
And you weren’t there
To whisper in my ear
I wouldn’t scream
You couldn’t care
I was held by fear
Please come back
My sweet dead love
Please come back to me
Please come back
Ask heaven above
Please come back to me


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