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The Conversation With Myself

Script By: cantlive4evr

Not a real conversation I had with myself...I enjoyed writing this.

Submitted:Oct 11, 2008    Reads: 184    Comments: 3    Likes: 2   

Yep, this is my first script. It was very interesting to write. And, yea, I admit, it's not really a script script. But, hey, it was fun to write, and that's what counts!

The Conversation With Myself

* Eve
* Rena(internal)

(Bedroom, zoomed in on Marianna lying on bed, asleep.)

Eve: Why am I here?
Rena: What would be the reason for NOT being here?
Eve: I mean, why am I here on Earth? And don't repeat that.
Rena: You tell me.
Eve: How would I know? Aren't you suppose to tell me?
Rena: I know just as much as you know.
Eve: Aren't you like God's assistant or something?
Rena: Am I?
(Eve sighs heavily in the dream.)
Eve: Am I crazy? I mean, you aren't real are you?
Rena: I am plenty real. As real as you and any other person.
Eve: Then why can't I see you?
Rena: Seeing isn't believing, you know. I'm inside of you.
Eve: You mean, inside like my guts?
Rena: No. More like your mind.
Eve: So I AM crazy.
Rena: Are you?
Eve: If you're suppose to be helping me, you're doing a sucky job. I'm just getting more unanswered questions rather than answers.
Rena: I never said I was here to help you.
Eve: But you didn't NOT say it either.
Rena: True.
Eve: So are you here to help me?
Rena: I don't know.
Eve: That's great.
Rena: Is it?
Eve: Could you stop doing that?
Rena: What?
Eve: THAT!
Rena: Would you like me to leave?
Eve: No. I'd rather have you to talk to than no one. What's your name anyways?
Rena: I'm going to take that as a compliment, and it's Rena.
Eve: Nice name. No one's ever around.
Rena: I know.
Eve: So there's one thing you know.
Rena: Yep.
Eve: How do you know that?
Rena: I am in your mind. A figment of your imagination.
Eve: Then how are you real?
Rena: I'm real to you.
Eve: But that doesn't make you real to anyone else. And I'm not sure if you're real.
Rena: I gotta tell you, that was kind of offensive.
Eve: Sorry, but there's no scientifical proof?
Rena: Why do you need proof?
Eve: Because then I'd know if I'm crazy or if you're really real.
Rena: So you won't just take my word for it?
Eve: No.
Rena: Why's that?
Eve: I don't know.
Rena: Wonderful reason. Besides, you don't need proof to know something is there. Such as God. You've never seen him, but he's there.
Eve: How do I know that?
Rena: Just because I'm in your mind doesn't mean I know anything like that.
Eve: Then you're not very useful.
Rena: I suppose not.
Eve: Maybe you should go.
Rena: Should I?
Eve: Visit me again, though.
Rena: I'll always be here.
Eve: That's good to know.
(Screen blackout.)
(Eve's eyes flutter open to reveal her room. She's lying in her bed. The light creeps into the darkened corners of the room. She ruffles her messy hair and gets up.)
Eve: I have to be crazy.

(Cut to credits.)

The End.


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