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Tokyo Mew Mew (English Script)

Script By: Cecilia Kelley

Tags: Tokyo, Mew, Fan, Dubbing

So this is the script for a fan dubbing of Tokyo Mew Mew. I'll post updates as I write them, but be patient; this is basically a word for word dubbing, right down to the cute lines Kisshu says

Submitted:Jun 27, 2010    Reads: 414    Comments: 6    Likes: 0   

Episode 1

Aoyama: Huh? Red data Animals?
Ichigo: Uh, yeah. I thought.. You know.. You'd like it, Aoyama… So, if you wanna, maybe… Um… Maybe this Sunday we could…
Aoyama: Sure! I'll see you at the station, okay? See you at 10!
Ichigo: YES! I did it! I asked him!
First Friend: I can't believe you actually did it! Our little Ichigo finally has a date!
Other Friend Whose name is Unknown to me: Way to stick it out! I knew you'd get him eventually!

Ichigo: Wah… I wanna sandwhich…. (mumbling)
Ichigo (more awake): Wha-? Ah hell! *yells as she falls out of bed, then whines* Owie… I hit my nose! Ah! Stupid bed, being so high! I'm gonna be late! Why did I have to pass out again? I even was dumb enough to turn the alarm off first! Stupid! NO! The ribbon broke! Life hates me today! I stayed up all night planning this, now everything's against me! Focus! Gotta change! *struggles, then yells as she falls* Ow… My nose hurts…
Ichigo (going down stairs) Mom! Dad! I'm going out, bye!
Ichigo's Mom: Wait, Ichigo!
Ichigo (outside): I'm Ichigo Momomiya, your average 7th grade girl. I was so excited and nervous, I didn't get any sleep! But of course I had to fall asleep at the last minute and miss my wake up call. I'm so exhausted right now I can barely run! But I can't wait for today! My very first date! And with someone who's cute, too! Not to mention smart and athletic, to boot! Everyone girl at school wants to be in my shoes, and I finally get my chance! With… With… With… Oh! One sec… There we go!
Aoyama: Hey, Ichigo!
Ichigo: Yay… I get him all to myself…
Aoyama: Hey, something wrong?
Ichigo: What? Oh, nope! Nothing at all! Sorry I'm late! Nice um… Weather we're having, huh?
Aoyama: (laughs) Yeah. I guess. Ready to go?

Ichigo: Umm…
Aoyama: Huh?
Ichigo: Well, um.. Ah… It's really pretty out today, huh?
Aoyama: Yeah, you're right.
Ichigo: Crap.. I can't think of anything else to say. I'm just repeating myself…
Aoyama: Ichigo?
Ichigo: Yeah?
Aoyama: We're here.
Ichigo: Oh, w-wait!

Announcer: Welcome to the Red Data Animal Exhibit! We hope you enjoy your stay!
Aoyama: Long line, but I guess it's worth the wait, huh?
Ichigo: Uh, yeah.
Aoyama: Thanks for inviting me. I've been waiting to see this exhibit for a while now. I'm kinda into that sort of stuff, ya know?
Ichigo: Yup! I've found out lots of stuff like that!
Aoyama: Wha-
Ichigo: Ah! I mean- never mind! Hahaha…. Oh! What's that thing!
Aoyama: Oh, dunno. Seems like the symbol for the exhibit or something. Pretty cool looking though.
Announcer: Keep walking please.

Ichigo: Huh… Red data animals are endangered species… It says here more than 2500 species face extinction… That's a lot of animals… Poor things…
Aoyama: Momomiya, look at this. There's a picture of an Iriomote Wildcat in here!
Ichigo: Uh, okay.
Aoyama: It's so cute, huh?
Ichigo: This cat's an endangered species, too? That's sad…
Aoyama: Even if we do everything in our power to save them, these animals probably won't last…
Ichigo: Oh! Uhh, right! That means we all should work hard, right? I'm sure we'll be able to, uh, save the whales or the kitties or something, right?
Aoyama: Yeah! Exactly!
Ichigo: Wow… So all I've got to do is say save the kitties and he'll like me? I hope no one else finds this out… Just got to be happy I get this time with him though!

Ryou: What's up?
Keichirro: Take a look at this. It's exactly what we wanted.

Ichigo: Uh, thanks for the pictures.

Ichigo: Thanks for coming with me today…
Aoyama: No problem! It was really fun! And it's pretty out! Uh… That's like the third time one of us has said that… (laughs)
Ichigo: (laughs) Yup!
Aoyama: I've, uh, been thinking about this for a while…
Ichigo: Yeah?
Aoyama: I know it's important to you…
Ichigo: I-is this what I think it is?
Aoyama: About the Earth. I want to elaborate on our previous discussions! Ah! Something wrong?
Ichigo: N-nothing! I'm gonna go get something to drink, okay? *yells as she falls*
Aoyama: You okay?
Ichigo: T-Thank you…
Aoyama: I'm buying, okay? Just wait a sec, okay? I'll be right back, Momomiya!
Ichigo: Er…
Aoyama: Lay down! It'll be a lot more comfortable!
Ichigo: Did you have to pick me up completely?… Wah… it's so embarrassing, everyone saw too! Ah, well. Huh? Wow! It's soo cute! Is it a shop? Maybe I could convince Aoyama to go there with me! Hehe!

Keichirro: The preparations are complete.
Ryou: Alright
Keichirro: The Earth's future is about to change…
Ichigo: (laughing cutely)
Ryou: It's time for the (pauses) Mew Project to begin.

Ichigo: What? E-Earthquake? Aoyama? Aoyama! W-Wha-?

Ichigo: Wha-Where am I? A cat? I recognize it. Iriomote… right? Hehe… cute… Come here. … Wha- It… went inside me? Eh? It… feels… nice, somehow…


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