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Couples Dance/ Brother-Sister Love

Script By: Mavi Hunter

On the night of their parents' wedding, a young man & woman recall their sexual history as they try to accept becoming siblings.

Submitted:Dec 10, 2009    Reads: 3,993    Comments: 16    Likes: 6   

· Danny- late teens/ early twenties; idealistic, yet somewhat naive
· Chelsea- Danny's stepsister; can be Danny's age or maybe even a little older; has sexual history with Danny
Setting: Balcony of a New York-style apartment
(Chelsea is standing over the railing of the "balcony". She is wearing a bridesmaid dress and holding a plastic cup. Enter Danny, who is also in formalwear and also holding a cup. He seems somewhat delighted when he catches sight of his stepsister)
Danny: I thought I'd find you out here. Taking a break or something?
Chelsea:My feet hurt. Plus, I just can't take another minute of Dad doing the Funky Chicken.
Danny: So you came out here? What do you got in that cup there, Bacardi?
Chelsea: Seagram's. And it's mine. Touch it and you die.
Danny: (indicates his cup) That's okay; I have my own. So, how much longer you plan to stay out here?
Chelsea: Until my feet stop hurting. Why?
Danny: I was thinking we could share a dance later.
Chelsea: A dance?
Danny: Yeah, our parents are probably gonna have a couples dance later; maybe we could join them.
Chelsea: So they told you to come out here and ask me?
Danny: No, this was all my idea.
Chelsea: We'll see, okay? I'm not feeling too well right now, Dan. I don't know if I can move without throwing up.
Danny: Hey, I can wait.
Chelsea: (pause) So, what does this mean? For us, I mean?
Danny: What do you…Oh, you mean…now that we're brother and sister…
Chelsea: Yes.
Danny: Well…what do you think?
Chelsea: If you want my honest opinion…I think it sucks.
Danny: The end of our fun…
Chelsea: We did some wild things…
Danny: Now it's over…
(The two look at each other and suddenly feel embarrassed. Both let out an awkward laugh)
Danny: Wow. I feel dirty just thinking about it.
Chelsea: You said it.
Danny: (suddenly real serious; shyly) Say, Chelsea…I'm just curious…do you still…love me?
Chelsea: "Do I still love you?" What kind of question is that?
Danny: Nothing…I just thought…
Chelsea: You thought what? That we'd fuck tonight?
Danny: No…I mean…
Chelsea: (laughs) You pervert. What do you think this is, the Deep South? And no, south of Canada does not count.
Danny: Okay, I admit that I am still…smitten with you…maybe a little, from what we did in the past. I was just curious, is all.
Chelsea: And you think somehow that if we danced, that might set off some sort of spark that'd make us head-over-heels for each other again?
Danny: Whatever! I don't care! I don't even know what I was thinking, coming out here! I'll just ask one of the girls inside to dance with me! (starts to exit)
Chelsea: Hey, Danny, relax, will ya? I was just messin' with you!
Danny: Well, I don't think it's funny! Stop being such a bitch!
Chelsea: (starting to feel guilty) Take it easy, okay? I'm sorry, if I'd have known you were so serious…the last thing I would want to do is upset you.
Danny: Do you even care about me?
Chelsea: Of course I do. You're the sweetest guy I know. I'm just concerned for you, is all. We're brother and sister now, after all. If we stay attached to each other for too long, we're only hurting ourselves. I don't want my brother to hurt himself.
Danny: We're not blood.
Chelsea: I know.
(The two move close to each other nervously. Their faces move closer and closer together; eventually, they kiss. When they pull away Danny notices the necklace around Chelsea's neck)
Danny: (almost to himself) The dolphin.
Chelsea: What? Oh, the necklace.
Danny: Remember when we bought these for each other?
Chelsea: How could I forget? It was while our parents were still dating, less than a year ago. The four of us went down to San Diego.
Danny: You got me a dragon, and I got you that dolphin. I'm wearing mine right now, see? (sees Chelsea on the verge of tears) What's wrong?
Chelsea: These necklaces…
Danny: What about them?
Chelsea: I do love you, Danny, but we can't hold onto these anymore. We need to move on. (rips necklace off her neck and throws it offstage, most likely over the railing ahead of her)
Danny: What are you doing?
Chelsea: Do you understand what I mean?
Danny: (pause) Yeah, you're right.
Chelsea: It's your choice, Dan. You don't have to get rid of it if you don't want to. I just think you should.
(Danny hesitates for a moment, then proceeds to take off his necklace. He flings it out over the railing after Chelsea's)
Danny: No chance. We're brother and sister now.
Chelsea: That's my brother. You still want that dance?
Danny: Yeah, sure.
Chelsea: Come on, let's go back inside.
(Both exit. Lights fade out)


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