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By: maystar

Page 1, It is a script about WWI. It is not only to explain the war but it is also funny



Soldier one, soldier two, soldier three and narrator

Soldier one: I hate stand to. I’m supposed to be on rest. It doesn’t feel much like rest when I have to get forced up early in the morning. I started reading this book. It’s a good read; it takes your mind of the shell fires and bad conditions of the trenches.

Soldier two: Who would want to read when you can fight?

Soldier three: Err... anyone. (He looks at the other soldier and turns to soldier one) Stand to, is much better than morning hate. You know, I don’t get the point of morning hate really.

Soldier one: It’s to show them that you hate them.

Soldier three:  I wouldn’t hate them if I got to sleep in, instead of shooting randomly in the morning.

Soldier two:  I don’t get the point of morning hate anyway.

Soldier three: You don’t get the point of a lot of things.

Soldier two: Err.... (His mouth is open and he is thinking.) Yes, I don’t.

Soldier one: It’s to show them we hate them.

Soldier two: I don’t really know them, so how can I hate them?

Soldier three: We are in a war. It isn’t about love or hate.

Soldier two: Then why do we hate them? Why is it called morning hate?

Soldier one: We are in a war, and because of you two idiots, I have wasted some of my rest time! I only get seventy days of rest a year, and in the mornings we do stand to, and morning hate; and we have to wake up early. If you ask me...

Soldier three: Well no one asked you.

Soldier two: The war will end eventually. How long do you think it will last?

Soldier one: One or two months.

Soldier three: Yeah.

Narrator: But it lasted four years.....

(Four years later...)

Soldier one: The war lasted four years. At least we can go home. Don’t expect another war for the next fifty years.

Soldier two: Yeah. I agree.

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