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Spy Mom (Correct Version)

Script By: MbP

CHARLETTE is a secret spy and hasn't told her family about it. Every mission she gets a more difficult one.

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Scene 1

SCENE: Int. Fade into a house with a woman with blonde hair and red streaks of hair talking quietly to her phone. The camera is slowly turning around to face her. She is CHARLETTE. It is early morning, the year is 2003. There is 9 children sitting around the TV.

ACKTELLA (On phone)

Welcome to being a spy Mrs. A.


Thank you.


Your first mission is to gather information on Mr. Nielsen or AKA Spokey. He is suspected of dealing drugs to teenagers. Get to know him. Any information you gather report back to us ASAP. Use a fake identity. Just do whatever it takes.


Got it.


You can find him near the south side in an alley or the sewer drains near the high schools. The quicker you attend to this mission your next one will be waiting and you will receive an item for future messages. Good luck Mrs. A.


Thank you.

She hangs phone up. She looks at the man behind the newspaper and talks normal.

Eli, I'm going to go out with a...




Talks dully and is reading a newspaper. His face is hidden.

That's nice. Take the kids with you on your grocery shopping.



I'm not going to the grocery store. The kids stay with you.


They're your kids.


Yours too!



Can't you see that I'm busy, woman! Take them with you!


Kids come on. Your dad doesn't want us here.

The kids around the TV stand up. They all have black hair and brown eyes. There are five boys and four girls.


Okay, mommy.


She opens door and everyone exits.

Good bye.


Yeah. Yeah.


She slams the door. She looks like she is about to cry. She wipes her eye.

I'm going to drop you guys off at Nana's house.


Papa is not a very good listener.


I know.


Yeah, like one time I was telling him about my science fair project and he just said "That's great you joined baseball" I don't even like baseball.


I hope Nana gives us cookies.

End of SCENE. Fade out.

Scene 2

SCENE: Int. Fade into CHARLETTE in her minivan. It is around noon. CHARLETTE is parked in a parking lot. She is rubbing her head and talking to herself.


Where are you? I've been looking all day and I looked where Acktella suggested you would be.

CHARLETTE's phone rings and she looks at it. The caller ID says VALERIE.

Not now Valerie.

Tosses phone

I need to find you! Or else I lose all that I got.

CHARLETTE's phone rings again. CHARLETTE scrambles for her phone and answers it.

Hello, this is Charlette Anderson. How may I assist you today?

VALERIE (on phone)

I'm not a client.

CHARLETTE sits up straight and lets out a long discouraged gasp.


Valerie, what do you want?


Uh yeah Hi mom. Can you meet me at the pizzeria?


Why? Do you need money?

VALERIE (on phone)

Yes but like you said you always want to meet my boyfriends I have. So I want you to meet my new boyfriend, Spokey. He is adorable and he's a great cook.


She freezes and drops phone

I knew there was something wrong with you, Val.

VALERIE (On phone)

Mom? Hello? Are you still there? I'm going to hang up if you don't answer me.


She picks phone up her phone and stammers out the words.

Yes, I'm still here, Val. I'll see you there.

She hangs the phone up then calls ACKTELLA

What information do you need to know?


Any info possible.


I found him.


I know.

ACKTELLA hangs up


Wait! How do you know?

She looks at phone

She hung up. Val, you're going to be in so much trouble.

CHARLETTE turns the key for the minivan but the car doesn't start.


No! No! No! Not now!

She takes the keys out of the ignition. She opens the door and starts running.

End of SCENE. Fade out.

Scene 3


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