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The Filth (Part 1)

By: mike1983

Page 1, A policeman inadvertently arrests the wrong man.

Two policemen are walking along a parade of shops. One of them is constable STANLEY MALLOY. He is in his twenties and apart from his uniform would blend easily into a crowd. The other man is MATT MALONE. He is a little taller than STANLEY and slightly stockier.
MATT: Honestly mate, it was like that.
STANLEY: Okay, Matt mate, I believe you. You know I believe you don’t you?
MATT gives him a look.
STANLEY: Anyway, I’m going home after this, yep, going to see the wife.
MATT shakes his head.
MATT: Nothing, just...
Before they can finish the conversation, an elderly woman outside the newsagents has started to shriek out because a spotty little boy has pinched her bag.
STANLEY: Go and speak to her.
STANLEY runs off. MATT strolls over to the woman.
MATT: Did you get a good picture of him?
OLD WOMAN: Course I did, he nicked my bloody handbag didn’t he?
Due to the waif like build of the boy he is able to run much faster than STANLEY. STANLEY is a way behind and struggling for breath. He stops the chase and diverts up the side street.
The young boy looks behind his shoulder to notice there is no longer anyone behind him. He stops to catch his breath. He leans down and holds his knees. He looks at his shoes. Another pair of shoes appear opposite. They are STANLEYS. The boy tries to run but STANLEY grabs him and twists his arm up behind his back. The boy cries out.
STANLEY: Shut your face.
YOUNG BOY: This is harassment you know.
STANLEY: Really isn’t though is it? You just don’t like the fact you’re in the shit. That’s really all there is to it. You’re not a victim of police brutality, you’re a nasty little bastard.
STANLEY applies the handcuffs and shoves him to keep walking.
MATT pulls the car up outside the station. Both him and STANLEY get out. STANLEY opens the passenger door and pulls the young boy from inside and shoves him out.
MATT: Easy mate.
MATT: Just easy.
STANLEY: Go on then. Move.
The boy walks towards up the steps. As they get to the doors. STANLEY stops walking.
STANLEY: Can you do this one?
MATT: Why?
STANLEY: Could do with a fag.
MATT: You want to do some more exercise you lardy bastard.
STANLEY: You can talk, you fat fucker. Go on, just do it.
MATT takes the young boy inside. STANLEY pulls a pack of full tar cigarettes from his pocket and lights one up. He inhales an enormous drag and blows out the smoke. He almost slams his head against the wall and closes his eyes. He opens them again finding a young constable smiling at him. This is LAYLA. He smiles back at her with his mouth and his eyes. She has brown eyes, and straightened hair.
STANLEY: Alright?
LAYLA: Not bad.
They look at each other.
STANLEY: You not gonna go on at me for smoking?
LAYLA: Couldn’t give a toss, not my problem is it?
STANLEY smiles
STANLEY: How disappointing, I thought you gave a shit.
LAYLA smiles
LAYLA: So how’s things at home?
STANLEY: Usual, still getting grief, still don’t know what for. What I signed on for though weren’t it?
LAYLA: Can always speak to me about it if you want?
STANLEY: You what?
LAYLA: You heard.
She smiles at him. He watches her walk off. He smiles to himself before taking another drag of his cigarette. He throws it to one side and walks into the station.
There are papers all over the desk and on the walls. Some make more sense than others. MAGGIE, the constable who works on the front desk is trying to sort the mess. She is about thirty-nine years old.
STANLEY: Morning gorgeous.
MAGGIE: Was that you?
STANLEY: Was that me what?
MAGGIE: The last one?
STANLEY: The last one in?
MAGGIE: He said you hit him.
STANLEY: I twisted his arm a bit.
MAGGIE: Same thing.
STANLEY: No, not all. In fact if I was going to pick two completely different things then...
MAGGIE: It’s just what he said.
STANLEY: Thanks for taking my side.
STANLEY walks off.
It is still light. The row of houses are semi-detached but none of them are in particularly good condition. There are a couple of kids playing football and oldie kids in hoodies smoking. STANLEY is walking up the road deliberately ignoring all the activity around him. He walks up the path of one of the houses and lets himself in.
As STANLEY enters the room there he is hit by a barrage of noise. A baby screaming, a washing machine finishing a spin dry, the television and his wife, LISA, on the phone.
STANLEY sees his wife holding their baby son, CHARLES in her hand whilst talking. The house is a mess.
LISA: Hello I weren’t talking to you, no, Stanley’s just walked through the door.
STANLEY walks over and kisses LISA on the head, he then makes little gurgling noises at CHARLES. This helps him to stop crying. STANLEY collapses on the sofa.
LISA: Yeah, see you.
LISA hangs up the phone. She comes through to the living room and sits next to STANLEY. She kisses him on the cheek.
STANLEY: Give him here.
STANLEY takes CHARLES off her and sways him asleep.
LISA: Good day?
STANLEY: Not bad?
LISA: Chantelle’s got a job.
STANLEY: Blimey.
LISA: Checkout at Liddles.
STANLEY: Aiming high then?
LISA nudges him but smiles.
LISA: She wants to go out to celebrate tonight.
STANLEY: Well you would wouldn’t you? Have they announced it on sky news yet?
LISA: You’re a sarcy sod ain’t you?
STANLEY: That’s why you love me.
LISA: Yeah, that’s exactly it.
LISA exits the room.
The phone starts to ring.
STANLEY walks over to pick it up.
MAGGIE: Stanley?
STANLEY: Maggie.
LISA (OOV): They wanted to meet up with us at about eight.
MAGGIE: They need you to come in.
STANLEY: You what?
LISA (OOV): I hope she doesn’t knock it back to much. Do you know how much of he sick I’ve had to clear up in the past.
MAGGIE: It’s Dave’s leaving do, we’re pretty low here.
STANLEY: Why are you telling me this now?
MAGGIE: Because I know what a reasonable guy you are.
STANLEY: Yeah, cheers Maggie, you’re getting two hours and that’s your lot.
STANLEY storms through the door clearly not in a good mood. MAGGIE is still on the front desk.
MAGGIE: Try not to look so happy.
STANLEY: I’m trying my best.
MAGGIE: There’s a break in down avenue road.
STANLEY: And I never got to enjoy your company.
MAGGIE: Just not meant to be.
STANLEY jogs off.
STANLEY is driving slowly down avenue road until he identifies the house. He pulls the car into the kerb.
STANLEY cautiously walks to the house, he pulls his metallic truncheon from his pouch. He walks through to the house.
He starts to walk through when he comes face to face with a young black boy. This is CONNOR. CONNOR doesn’t react. STANLEY grabs him, CONNOR puts up a struggle which results in STANLEY hitting him a couple of times.
STANLEY: Just pack it in.
CONNOR: Get off.
STANLEY pulls his handcuffs from his pocket and wraps them around CONNORS wrists. He pushes him towards the front door.
STANLEY: Come on.
STANLEY pushes CONNOR into the car.
MAGGIE is still working away. She smiles gingerly when she sees STANLEY with CONNOR.
STANLEY: Avenue road break in, this is him, I’m off after...
MAGGIE: You’re gonna kill me.
MAGGIE: They’ve got them already.
MAGGIE: A couple of the boys were already in the area. They picked up the robbers.
STANLEY looks at MAGGIE furiously. He looks at CONNOR.
STANLEY: Go and sit there.
CONNOR stares at him before taking a seat.
STANLEY: Was it definitely them?
MAGGIE: Had the stuff on them the lot.
STANLEY rubs his face in his hands.
STANLEY: You do understand the consequences of this don’t you?
MAGGIE: I said don’t be so rough.
STANLEY slams his hand on the table.
STANLEY: I thought he was a burglar you stupid cow, what was I supposed to think?
CONNOR looks at him and smiles.
MAGGIE: I’m sorry.
STANLEY: That’ll sort it his parents, get them down here, I’ll have to try and sort this out.
STANLEY: What’s your home number?
CONNOR: You gonna smack me if I don’t give it to you?
STANLEY: Just give me the number.
CONNOR looks at him.
CONNOR: 0208-360-0183
STANLEY: Well...
MAGGIE writes the number down. She looks down at the various papers surrounding her. Her face changes
MAGGIE: That’s the number
STANLEY: I know it is.
MAGGIE shakes her head.
MAGGIE: No that’s the number.
STANLEY: I don’t know what you’re saying to me.
MAGGIE: That’s the number that reported the burglary.
STANLEY looks at her intensely before holding his head in his hands.
STANLEY: I hope you know what this means.
A middle-aged woman bursts through the door, shouting. This is CONNORS mother, DEE.
DEE: Where is he? Where is the victim?
STANLEY is sitting with CONNOR. CONNOR immediately stands up, STANLEY takes a little longer.
DEE: Connor.
DEE hugs him.
DEE: Oh my baby, my poor baby.
She takes CONNORS hand and leaves. STANLEY slopes down in the chair.
STANLEY: Well, that’s it then.
MAGGIE smiles at him sympathetically.
MAGGIE: Do you want my advice?

STANLEY looks at her indicating it is the last thing he would want.


STANLEY lets himself into the house. He is looking a little haggard. His eye has swollen slightly.
LISA comes down the stairs, she is dressed up.
LISA: Didn’t think you were going to be that long.
She notices the mark under his eye.
LISA: Still nothing to worry about is it? Go and get changed, we’ve got a bout fifteen minutes.
STANLEY: Yeah we have to go out?
LISA: Course we come on.
LISA walks through to the living room. STANLEY takes a deep breath before slumping up the stairs.
There is a clinking of glasses.
LISA: Congrats Chantelle,
CHANTELLE: I know, I can’t believe it, should be a good laugh.
STANLEY: Yeah, should be dead good.
STANLEY smiles to himself.
CHANTELLE: Cheers Stan.
STANLEY looks around the room.
LISA: What’s the matter with you?
STANLEY: Nothing, don’t worry about it.
CHANTELLES phone rings.
CHANTELLE: Hello. Oh hello babes.
CHANTELLE excuses herself from the table.
LISA: What’s the matter with you?
STANLEY: I just feel awkward.
LISA: What?
STANLEY: I don’t think she likes me.
LISA: What you talking so soft for? Just drink your drink and shut-up.
STANLEY gives her a look and smiles at her.
CHANTELLE comes back to the table.
CHANTELLE: I meant to say, Mum wanted me to ask you two over for dinner on Saturday, you up for it?
LISA: Oh yeah, definitely.
STANLEY: Course.
LISA gives STANLEY a told-you-so look.
STANLEY is drunk and can barely walk. He has an arm draped around LISA.
STANLEY: You know I love you? You do know that don’t you? I mean I know you don’t think so, but I do.
LISA: Course you do.
STANLEY: Don’t just rubbish what I’m saying, I know you think I’m drunk and to be honest I am a little bit, but I know what I’m saying. I really do. I mean I am pissed but you’re more honest when you’re pissed aren’t you. I mean you say the things you really want to say. Do you not think?
LISA: Yeah course.
STANLEY: You’re just humouring me aren’t you?
LISA: Course not.
STANLEY smiles at her. She pulls the keys from her pocket. STANLEY stares at her.
STANLEY: You’re good looking en’all, I don’t mean in an obvious way, I’m not saying you’re unattractive but you’ve got one of those faces haven’t you, one of those faces, subtle but nice.
STANLEY strokes her face.
LISA: Yep, I know you don’t wash you’re hands when you’re pissed so do you want to...
LISA she feigns pushing his hands away.
She opens the door. He falls through it. She takes his shoes off and picks his legs up to avoid shutting the door on them.
LISA: Come on Stan, I can’t lift you can I?
STANLEY: You know I’m sensitive about my weight. Male anorexia is a lot more common than you might think.
LISA: The fact you call it male anorexia...well I can’t leave you there.
A young teenage girl emerges from the living room with CHARLES in his hands. This is DEBBIE the babysitter.
STANLEY: It’s Debbie, the lovely Debbie, hello Debbie.
DEBBIE looks at him unimpressed and a little embarrassed.
LISA: Don’t worry about him Debs, he’s normally like this when he says he loves me. Is it a tenner?
The bedroom is small and in need of decoration. STANLEY is in bed half asleep. LISA comes through. She is wiping cream on her hand and face. She climbs into bed.
STANLEY: You fancy a bit then?
LISA: You what?
STANLEY: You know I don’t get brewers droop.
LISA: How is that supposed to help me in anyway at all?
STANLEY: It shows I love you.
LISA: It shows you’re randy...not with that breath anyway.
STANLEY: What’s wrong with it?
LISA: It smells like you brushed your teeth with a turd...goodnight.
STANLEY: Oh come on Lis, it’s been bloody ages.
LISA: If you didn’t come home bladdered most nights, it wouldn’t be would it?
STANLEY gives up and turns on his back.
STANLEY: We were like rabbits once. You used to want me to come home early from work sometimes...I used to love that. Doing it during the day, almost made me feel a bit guilty (chuckles to himself), no chance of that happening anymore though.
STANLEY looks over at her. Her eyes are shut but it is unclear if she is asleep.
STANLEY: Yeah well, I’m not gonna have that.
STANLEY gets out of bed and pulls a mens magazine from under the bed.
STANLEY is walking to wards the toilet when he sees CHARLES sleeping. He looks at the magazine and drops it on the floor, shaking his head. He walks through to the bedroom.
STANLEY peers over the cot.
STANLEY (Whispers): You’ll listen to me won’t you? I think I’ve pissed your Mum off. I can’t help it. I know should act my age, I can’t help it Charlie. You know its you and her that matter most...sometimes though, I don’t know...
STANLEYS alarm goes off. He looks a little worse for wear. He slowly opens his eyes.
STANLEY: Oh my God. Let this be a sick joke.
LISA comes bouncing into the room and jumps on the bed.
STANLEY: You still up for it Stan? Come on Stan?
She kisses him on the face in a jokey, almost grotesque manner.
STANLEY: Sod off.
LISA moves off him smiling to herself.
LISA: You knew what would happen.
STANLEY: I know, I know...I should’ve asked my friend hindsight but he’s never there when you need him.
MATT is tucking into a jacket potato with cottage cheese and beans. STANLEY watches with disgust as he devours it.
MATT looks at him and realising STANLEY is hungover shoves the carton under his nose.
MATT (mouth full): Are you sure you don’t want some?
STANLEY holds his nose and mouth.
There is a silence between the pair of them.
STANLEY: I don’t think Lisa loves me anymore Dave.
MATT: Don’t be soft.
STANLEY: Getting married so young that did it you know. Then having a kid. I’ve tied her down. She resents it.
MATT: I can’t imagine getting married that young.
STANLEY: Well you wouldn’t would you? What with you being five years older than me and single.
MATT: Yeah alright, rub it in. I don’t want to be living at home you know, can’t afford much else. Certainly don’t want to be renting, might aswell flush my wages down the pan.
STANLEY: I was only mucking around.
MATT: I know but I think about these things all the time and then to have you taking the piss, it don’t help.
STANLEY: I was only mucking around.
The radio starts to buzz.
RADIO: Domestic at Masons Estate.
STANLEY: He says domestic...
A woman with a bloody nose is at the door shouting.

MATT and STANLEY are escorting a man away from the premises. He has a jacket over his head and occasionally puts up a slight struggle

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