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Everest and Evan

Script By: Mindbuzzproductions

Evan and Everest used to fight crime together but Evan has decided to go bad. The super brother and sister fight from opposing sides. This is a family battle to the death. Who will be the one on the ground... dead?

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Everest & Evan

Scene 1

Everest: Evan stop lolly gagin. We have a world to save.

Evan: Can't the world wait? I am about to get a high score.

Everest: (Walks over to Tv then unplugs it) Come on bro. The video game can wait.

Evan: (Falls to the side) 10 points! 10 points! So close. 10 points!

Everest: I guess it's true. Boys never grow up, no matter how super they are. Come on let's go.

Evan: What's happening? (Sits up then stands up)

Everest: A fire in town.

Evan: AGAIN!!

Everest: I know.

Evan: (Throws Everest on his back then flits and Everest and Evan are in a town) I swere this town always is on fire.

Everest: I know. (Holds her hand to her face then blows water out)

Dede: (Screams from a buliding at the top of her lungs) HELP!!! Sombody help me!!!

Evan: (Flits up building) Ma'm. (Picks Dede up then flits down building)

Dede: Thank you.

Evan: Welcome. (Flits around a burning building)

(Shows Everest blowing out buildings again then Evan appears next to her)

Everest: Hi Evan. Do you have a problem?

Evan: You know, (Everest blows fire out again) I am starting to think that because this town catches on fire so much is because someone wants this town dead.

Everest: Really? (Blows water again)

Evan: See ya. (Flits around burning buildings)

Everest: (Finishes Blowing water) Done. (Turns around and sees Evan kissing Dede) Evan. (Moves Earth up where Evan is)

Evan: Hey! (Flits down towards Everest) What was that for?

Everest: (Moves Earth down) Stop it. You know nothing about her.

Evan: I do so.

Everest: Oh really? What is her name?

Evan: Deva.

Dede: It's Dede.

Everest: See.

Evan: I still like her.

(Everest walks away)

Evan: Everest, please wait. (Flits in front of Everest) Why do you always get so mad?

Everest: I'm a girl, it happens. (Starts stubling then faints)

Evan: (catches Everest) You and your fainting problems.

Scene 2

Everest: (Wakes up starteld) Evan? Where are you Evan? (Rolls off couch) Ouch. (Rolls over onto her back) Evan! (Trys and gets up but can't) Evan... Evan... (Evan walks in through door)

Evan: (Sees Everest then walks over to her) Are you ok?

Everest: I need help. (Evan grabs Everest's hand and pulls her up) How long was I out this time?

Evan: Not long. Just about an hour. The shortest time you've ever been out.

Everest: That's good. (Walks to window) So what did you do?

Evan: Well one I had a date with Dede. Two I went shoping.

Everest: No crime?

Evan: No crime.

Everest: I'm going to stretch my legs and go for a walk.

Evan: I'll come with you!

Everest: Are you sure?

Evan: Do you know how boring it is in this house without you?

Everest: (Goes outside) Coming?

Evan: (Flits in front Everest) Yes.

Everest: (Screams) Evan. (Shuts door) No Speed running.

Evan: You mean flinting.

Everest: Yeah. No fliting. Let this be a plain and simple walk.

Evan: Fine.

Everest: (Runs down porch)

Evan: (Slides down rail) So where are we going to walk.

Everest: The park probually.

(At the park)

Everest: (Staring at a guy)

Evan: (Looks at Everest) Are you ok?

Everest: (Talks high) I'm fine.

Evan: (Stares at Everest's eyes and then reads her mind)

(Everest is thinking "Look at me. With those gorgeous eyes. Just glance at me with your handsome smile. Talk to me sometime with that high adorable voice.")

Evan: You're in love.

Everest: What! (Stops looking at Oliver) No.

Evan: Don't try me. I read your mind.

Everest: You read my Mind!!!

Evan: You're in love with that geek?

Everest: (Looks at Oliver) Yes. His name is Oliver. I've seen him when we also we're in school. Now that were older I don't see him that much. We are friends.

(Oliver slips into lake)

Oliver: I can't swim! I can't swim! (Sinks under the water)

Everest: (Runs towards the water then moves the water then walks into the opening she made and moves towards Oliver) Oliver? Evan can you help me?

Evan: (Flints to Everest and Oliver) Ick. He is disgustinger in person. (Picks Oliver up then puts him on land)

Everest: (Follows Evan then puts the water back) IS he ok?

Evan: Does he look ok? (Kneels next to Oliver and Everest does the same) Hello? (Puts ear on Andy's heart) You wanna know what you can do? Give him mouth to mouth. You know it. You like him. You're a girl.

Everest: (Opens Oliver's mouth then takes his glasses off) You're mean. Look away.

Evan: Your only giving him CPR not kissing him.

Everest: (Gives CPR to Oliver X5 then pushes on his chest then repeats then Oliver opens his eyes) Oliver? Are you better now?

Oliver: Everest, long times no see. Well thanks for saving my life. Sorry for the trouble.

Everest: It was no trouble. Evan helped to.

Oliver: (Sees Evan then screams then hops up and hides behind Everest)

Evan: Hey I didn't like it either man. But Everest did most the work. She moved the water away and gave you mouth to mouth. I only picked you up.

Everest: Oliver. You don't have to be afraid of Evan anymore. He is doing the hero thing with me now days.

Oliver: So he is not a bully anymore.

Evan: No!

Oliver: (Stands up then helps Everest up) Thank you for saving my life again Everest.

Everest: No problem it's what I do.

Oliver: Can you do me a favor?

Everest: Yes Oliver.

(Evan Making kissing noises)

Andy: Can you get my boat out of the lake? That's what I was trying to get before I fell in.

Everest: Sure oh sure. (Hops onto the water then walks on it)

Evan: Pretty cool, huh?

Andy: Yeah cool.

Evan: You know she has a crush on you right.

Andy: SHE has a crush on ME!

Evan: Yeah, I saw her staring at you. Then I read her mind and wow you should hear her think about you. Let me see you smile. (Andy smiles) Yeah I can see her liking that smile.

(Everest comes back with boat)

Everest: Here you go Oliver.

Andy: So Everest, your brother told me that you have a crush on me.

Everest: (Faces Evan) You did WHAT! (Everest's hands go on fire and then she starts swinging at Evan)

Evan: (While dodging punches) Everest. Everest. Everest. (Pushes Everest in the water)

Everest: It was supposed to be a secret! (Starts splashing) It was supposed to be a secret! (Runs hands over face) I'm sorry Oli.

Andy: It's ok, because I kind of like you too.

Everest: Really? (Hops out of water) You really like me?

Oliver: Yes, but I couldn't date you.

Everest: Why?

Oliver: You're the only girl who has liked me besides my mom. But, you're my best friend. If you are my girlfriend then I would have no more friends. I sortta need you.

Everest: That's cool

Oliver: Well see you around. (Turns around then turns back) You know what? If I gain more friends than I could be your boyfriend. Bye. (walks away)

Everest: (Turns around dreamily)

Evan: (Flints next to Everest) It's alright Evee.

Everest: What?

Evan: You're not upset.

Everest: Of course not. My crush has a crush on me and we still get to be friends.

Scene 3

(Next day)

Evan: I found out why you faint so much.

Everest: Why?

Evan: 1 you're a teenager. 2 the way you use your powers you use it so much and it takes away energy.

Everest: Do you want to visit mom or dad today? I feel like seeing them today.

Evan: How about we see both? See dad first then mom.

Everest: Sure. (Raises hand) Help me up. Just don't break me.

Evan: (Takes Everest's hand and pulls her up) Break you I will not. (Holds Everest's hand)

Everest: You big goof. (Slaps Evan lightly with other hand)

Evan: Easy now.

Everest: Thanks.

Evan: When should we go.

Everest: Any time. Any time at all.

Evan: Now.

Everest: Alright.

Evan: (walks on to porch) Are you ready?

Everest: Yes. (Evan picks Everest up then flints)

(At a police station)

Evan: We are here to see our mother.

Police Officer: Be careful.

Everest: We don't need to be careful, she is our mom.

Police Officer: Alright now! (Opens door to prisoner rooms) I think your mother is in the court yard.

Evan: O.k.

Police Officer: Go on over to the yard.

Everest: Yes sir.

(Everest and Evan walk down the long hallway)

Girl 1: I remember you two!

Everest: I remember you.

Girl 1: (Spits by Everest and Evan) Disgusting!

Evan: It's a shame we had to put a lot of women in here.

Everest: There the ones who had committed the crime.

Evan: (Smiles) Crime.

(Everest and Evan walk out into court yard)

Niavini: (Runs to gate) Scana! Vayvay! (Evan! Everest!)

Everest: We don't know your language mom.

Niavini: You should have learned by now you two!

Evan: Sorry mom.

Niavini: It's ok my baby. So how have you guys been?

Evan: Fine.

Everest: Ok. What did they do to your hands and feet mom?

Niavini: They locked them so I can't use my gift.

Everest: (Uses powers Swirling fire, water, air and ground) You mean this?

Evan: And this? (Flies up)

Niavini: I don't understand how my powers were divided into you two? Everest has the elements and Evan has the other stuff.

Everest: (Stops using powers) How have y- (Faints and hits the ground)

Evan: Opps!

Niavini: She still has that problem doesn't she?

Evan: Yes. (Flies down and stands Everest up while holding her) Mom I have an confession.

Niavini: Tell me.

Evan: (Whispers) I think I like fighting with Everest. I might want to be a villain.

Niavini: (Brings face closer and lowers voice) Let me tell you something. Don't get caught!

Scene 4

Jamie: Is she alright?

Evan: She is fine. This happens whenever she uses her powers to hard.

Everest: (Wakes up) Evan? Where are we?

Evan: Alaska.

Everest: Oh hi dad.

Jamie: Good I was getting worried.

Evan: (Pours water on Everest's head) That might help you wake up.

Everest: Thanks.

Evan: Aren't you mad?

Everest: No. (Stands up) I needed that. A good wake up call.

Evan: What about now? (Kicks Everest)

Everest: Now you are trying to get me mad.

Jamie: Children no fighting.

Evan: But dad she started it.

Everest: I did not. (A little flame is on Everest's head) You're the one who poured the water on my head.

Evan: Well you're the one who fainted.

Everest: I'll see you back at the house. I've got business to attend to. Bye dad. Nice seeing you. (Opens window then jumps out she surfs the wind)

Evan: Bye dad. (Jumps out of window then flies after Everest) Everest!

Everest: (Angry) What Evan!?!

Evan: Slow down!

Everest: I can't the air is making me glide.

Evan: You and I both know you can control the wind. (Flies faster to catch up with Everest)

Everest: I don't want to.

Evan: (Flies next to Everest then grabs her and tosses her on the pavement) Listen to me!

Everest: Ow! (Cries) Evan you jerk! Why would you do that?

Evan: (Flies an inch above the ground) That was fun.

Everest: Fun!? You made me bleed. I understand we fight but Ow! (Whimpers)

Evan: I don't like being good anymore.

Everest: Uh! I saw this coming! The way you've been acting lately.

Evan: (Kicks Everest) I'm bad again baby! I'm back. This is the real me not a goodie to shoes…

Everest: (Moves earth up where Evan is standing) If you want to fight I'll fight.

Evan: (Flies down) You don't stand a chance. You'll faint if…

Everest: I hold up as long as I can! (Bursts into flames)

Evan: This is going to be a fun fight.

(Everest moves earth up to stand up then hits him. Everest and Evan fight)

Everest: How could you do this?

Evan: For fun you nagging woman.

Everest: So you turn against your own sister. (Water blasts Evan)

Evan: You act like this wasn't going to happen. (Flits to Everest and picks her up and throws her again to the ground then stops fighting) If you knew this was going to happen, (hovers over Everest) why didn't you stop me?

Everest: Because I refused to believe it. I knew that you were a bully but you became good for me.

Evan: Oh Everest. Everest. Everest. If you think I'm going to be good again you're wrong.

Everest: I tried. (Slashes at Evan with fiery hands) You forgot something though. Good always wins against bad.

Evan: I'm your older brother. (Throws Everest) Oh hot. You're mad. I have always won our fights.

Everest: May dad be on my side?

Evan: You don't need the help. I have mom though.

Everest: (Runs to Evan and just starts punching him with fire hands) How dare you? (Starts gasping)

Evan: Looks like you're going to pass out soon.

Everest: I don't care. (Punches Evan's jaw) Ow! Why did you have to have the super strength?

Evan: (Grabs both of Everest's hands) I'm the cooler one, you neeerrrd.

Everest: (Kicks Evan's crotch) You won't see me tonight. (Earth sucks Everest in)

Evan: (Whispers) I'll find you.

(Camera goes to Everest getting pushed out of the Earth by Andy's house)

Everest: (Knocks on Andy's door)

Andy: (Looks through window and then opens door) Hi Everest. What are you doing here?

Everest: May I stay the night?

Andy: I don't know. (Notices how beat-up Everest is) What happened to you?

Everest: (tears in eyes) Evan has gone evil again.

Andy: Why don't you come on in and tell me what happened? (Leads Everest inside and closes door) Take a seat and relax. Stay there. (Walks away and comes back with bandage wrapping) Go ahead and tell me what happened.

Everest: Evan was getting me really mad on purpose.

(Andy goes by Everest and kneels down and starts bandaging her up)

Andy: Lift your arm up.

(Everest lifts arm)

Everest: So I surfed the wind away. Then he followed me. Evan threw me to the pavement. He told me he was bad again.

Andy: (Looks up) That's something that annoys me in movies. The bad guy telling the hero of their plan to conquer the world, or how they are going to dispose of them, it's annoying. It happens a lot too!

Everest: You do make a great point.

Andy: (Continues bandaging Everest) Continue your story.

Everest: He kicked me around and used his powers against me. I finally decided to get over shock and I fought back.

Andy: I feel bad for you. (Bandages Everest's cheek then kisses her lips) I made a few good speeches and I got many more friends. The science community loves me. Tonight you can stay over. I'll sleep on the couch and you can sleep in my bed.

Scene 5

Evan: (Waking up early in the morning then runs outside quickly) Hey Dede.

Dede: There's my evil villain.

Evan: Are you ready?

Dede: I was born ready.

(Evan flits into town then Dede flits into town)

Evan: Pretty fast… for a girl.

Dede: Shut up.


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