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Learn to Fly Brany Scott

Script By: Mindbuzzproductions

Mr. Scott dies and Cinna has to train him to fly and become

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(SCENE: A man with blue eyes and red hair is an angel. He is on Earth to check on the child he guards. He is CINNA. He guards a African American ophan baby girl. The girl has no name so people call her IT. IT has brown eyes and black straggly hair. CINNA is wearing a white cloak and IT is wearing only a dirty blanket. CINNA picks IT up and brings her close to his chest. HE softly speaks to IT. It is downporing outside. CINNA and IT are in a ophanage. The dim lights are on.)

CINNA: Little one, people call you IT for they don't know your name. You have a beautiful, graceful name. I guarded your mother but now she lives with me in Heaven. She requested me to guard you and she told me your name. Your name is Arosia . Arosia is your name! You know that now. When people call you IT say your name is Arosia not IT.

(Lightening flashes and thunder rolls in slowly. The rain outside becomes more rapid. AROSIA cries when she hears the thunder)

CINNA cont.: Shh, honey, shh. (CINNA rocks AROSIA) It's only rain.

(A man with brown eyes and hair hurries into the room and stares at CINNA in suprise. He is BRANY SCOTT. CINNA stares back at BRANY with hatred. BRANY SCOTT is wearing a Gun's and Roses' T-shirt and jeans. CINNA puts AROSIA back in the crib just as she stops crying. The power goes out then there is a repitious lightening and thunder. Lightening lights up the room just as CINNA jumps out the window. BRANY SCOTT runs to AROSIA and picks her up)

BRANY SCOTT: Who is that? (Calls out to the hallway) Scarlet! The man was here again!

(A woman with curly black hair and blue eyes dressed in a red hoody and a black skirt runs into the room and almost nearly crashes into BRANY SCOTT. She is SCARLET)

SCARLET: Close the windows and lock the doors. Move IT to another room. (SCARLET closes the window)

(Loud Lightening and Thunder)

BRANY SCOTT: Yes ma'am.

(AROSIA cries again)

BRANY SCOTT cont.: Shut this baby up!

(Throws AROSIA in the crib curtly)

SCARLET: Stop that. IT is a baby.

(BRANY SCOTT rolls his eyes at SCARLET)

BRANY SCOTT: That's what I call a mean woman.

SCARLET: Do you want me to be mean? (Hurries out of room)

BRANY SCOTT: You're bad enough as it is.


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