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The Sisters Grimm

Script By: SarahE

The sisters grimm michel buckley

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The Sisters Grimm
Sceen 1: Act 1:The Cab:Rainy Cold Sabrina and Daphne looking out the car window
Daphne:(turning toward Ms.Smirt) Do they have bagels in Ferryport Landing, Ms.Smirt?
Ms. Smirt:(looking Cross and angry)Of course they have bagels. They have bagels everywhere.
Daphne:Not on the moon(ms. smirt snarls Daphne turns back to the window Sabrina Snickered)
Ms. Smirt: I hope you don't bother your grandmother with all these ridiculous questions!
Sabrina:(looking annoyed)She's dead! I've already told you a million times, our grandmother is dead!
Ms. Smirt: We did a background check, Sally. She is who she says she is.
Sabrina: My name is Sabrina.
Ms. Smirt: Whatever. The orphanage would not release you into just anyone's custody.
Sabrina: Oh really? How about Ms. Langdin, who swore her toilet was haunted?
Ms. Smirt: Everyone has their quirks.
Daphne: Or Mr. Denis, who made us sleep in his truck?
Ms. Smirt: Some people love the great outdoors.
Sabrina: Mr. and Mrs. Tompson handcuffed us to a radiator!
Ms. Smirt: Dwell on the negatives if you choose, but you should be grateful. There is not much of a demand for rude little girls. Imagine how embarassed I was when I heard what you said to the Markson's.
Sabrina: They locked us in their house for two weeks so they could go on a cruise to Bora Bora. Daphne: I think it was the Bahamas
Ms. Smirt: It was Bermuda, and at least they brought you back some nice T-shirts from their trip. Anyway its all water under the bridge now. We found a real(enphasize) relative who is actually eager to take you into her home. But to be honest girls, even if she was an imposter I would hand you over to her. We have run out of familys who want you.(puting her nose in her book again "how to get the love you want'')
Daphne: Whats an imposter?
Sabrina: It means someone whos pretending to be someone their not.
Daphne: Do you think that she could really be our grandmother? Dad said she died before we where born.
Sabrina: Not a chance. Don't worry we'll be gone before the crazy old bat knows what happened.
Sceen 2, act 1, Ferryport landing
Ms. Smirt: Ladies, let's go!(getting out of the car) When you meet her you had better be polite or there is going to be trouble. No sass, no back talk, stand up strait, and act like young ladies for once, or so help me I'll...
Granny Relda: (enterupting) Ms. Smirt?
Ms. Smirt: Yes, Mrs.Grimm. It's us.
Granny Relda: Sabrina, Daphne? Oh, you are both so beautiful. What little darlings! I'm your Grandmother Grimm.(hugging sabrina and daphne)
Ms. Smirt: Mrs. Grimm it's so nice to meet you.
Granny: It's nice to meet you, too.
Ms. Smirt: Im just so thrilled to have helped you and the girls reunite.
Granny: Oh... Im sure you are. Girls this is Mr. Cannis. He helps me take care of our house and other matters. He lives with us, too, and he'll be helping me look after you.
Ms. Smirt: Well, girls, this is good-bye. Lets make this the last time we see each other. Good luck Mrs. Grimm.(walking back to the car. the grimms walk to a car that looks like its about to brake down)
Sabrina: Is this safe?
Granny: It got us here. I suppose it will get us back.(the car roars to life) Put your seat belts on!(over the loud bannging)
Sabrina: What!?
Granny: What!?
Sabrina: I can't here you!
Granny: More than six!
Sabrina: Six what!?
Granny: Probably! I told you to put your seat belt on!?
Sabrina: This!?(holding up the pieces of rope)
Granny: Yes, yes! Here!(tieing them together) There you go snug as a bug in a rug!
Daphne: I love dolphins, too!
Granny: Not since I hurt my toes!(sabrina groans head on her hands)
Sceen 3, Act 1, Granny's house
Daphne: You live in a Doll house!
Sabrina: Why do you live all the way out here?
Granny: Oh I like the quiet. It's nice not to here the honking of horns.
Sabrina:(under breath) and no one can hear the little kids screaming.
Daphne: Wow! That's alot of keys.
Sabrina: That's a lot of locks.(looking at the door wearely)
Granny:(knock 3 times)We're home.(Sabrina and daphne look at each other)Let me take your coats lieblings.
Daphne: Lieblings?
Granny: It means sweetheart in German. Girls, I must warn you. I'm not much of a house keeper. We'll have dinner in about an hour.(Cannis takes bags upstairs) Ladies let me give you the grand tour.
Daphne: (picks up a picture frame of a man and a child)Who's this?
Granny: That was your opa, Basil.
Daphne: Opa?
Granny: Grandfather, liebling.
Daphne: Is that your baby?(pointing at the child)
Granny: That was your papa. Oh, my, I've forgotton the cookies.(runs out of the room, comes back with a tray of cookies)
Daphne:(taking a bite and smile's)These taste just like my mommy's!
Granny: Where do you think she got the recipe, angel? Oh, I was about to introduce you to Elvis.
Daphne: (mr. cannis enters the room. Daphne points at him)Is he your boyfriend?
Granny: Oh, dear, no. Mr. Cannis and I are not courting. We are just good friends.
Daphne: What does courting mean?
Sabrina: It's an old-fashioned word for dating.
Granny:(A large dog bounds into the room and jumps on top of Sabrina and Daphne) Elvis please get off of them(trying to pull the dog off of the girls)This is Elvis. He's a member of our little family and copletely harmless if he likes you.
Sabrina: And if he doesn't?
Daphne: Oh! I love him! He's so cute!
Granny: This is the only boyfriend I have and probably the smartest one I've ever had, too. Watch! Elvis, shake.(shake's hands with the dog)
Daphne: Play dead.(dog falls over)
Granny: You two must be starving after your trip. i suppose i better get started with dinner. I hope spaghetti and meatballs is OK.
Daphne: I love spaghetti and meatballs!
Granny: I know you do.(wink's and heads into the kitchen)
Sabrina: I don't like this at all, Daphne. Don't get used to this place. We're not going to be here long.
Daphne: Stop being a snot. She wouldn't hurt us. She's nice.
Sabrina: That's why crazy people are so dangerouse. You think they're nice until they're chaining you up in the garage. And I am not being a snot.
Daphne: Yes, you are.
Sabrina: No, l'm not
Daphne: yes, you are. Anything is better than living in the orphanage, right.
Granny: Dinner!(girls walk into the kitchen, mr. cannis is meditating in his seat)
Daphne:(After looking at Mr. Cannis whispers)I think he's dead.(talking) How did you know i like spaghetti? It's my favorite!
Granny: I know lots of things about you, liebling. I am your oma.
Sabrina: Oma?
Granny: It means grandmother in German, that's where our family's from.
Sabrina: My family is from New York City.
Granny: Your mama sent me letters from time to time. I know a great deal about you both. In fact, when I stopped getting them I knew that...(Sigh)
Sabrina: That they'd abandoned us?
Granny: Child, your mother and father didn't abandon you.
Daphne: Mrs. Grimm, I-
Granny: Liebling, I'm not Mrs. Grimm. I'm your grandmother. You can call me Grandma or Oma but never Mrs. Grimm, please.
Daphne: Can l call you Granny? l alway wanted a granny.
Granny: Of course, l'll be your Granny Relda.(hugging Daphne) It's a special recipe. The sauce has a little curry in it and the noodles are made with squid ink. So, Mr. Cannis says your suitcases felt almost empty. Don't you have any clothes?
Daphne: The police kept them. They said they were evidence.
Granny: Kept them? That's crazy! What will they do with them? Well, we can't have you running around naked all the time, can we? I mean, people will think we're nudists. l was thinking that we-
Sabrina: Who are you? And don't say your our grandmother because our grandmother is dead!
Granny:(looking uncomfurtable) But l am your grandmother, liebling
Sabrina: I said our grandmother is dead! Our father told us she died before we were born.
Granny: Girls, l assure you that l am who l say l am.
Sabrina: Well, then why did he tell us you died if you didn't?
Granny: I'm not sure it is time to discuss your father's decisions. We are all just getting settled in and we can talk about it later.
Sabrina: Well if you really were our grandmother, I would think you'd be happy to discuss it.
Granny: Now is not the time.
Sabrina: Fine! I'm tired and I wanna to go to bed.
Granny: Of course, liebling. Your room is upstairs. I will show you-
Sabrina: We'll find it our selves!!(Angerely gets up storms out of the room grabing Daphne)
Daphne: But I'm not done eating!(trying to pull back to the table)
Sabrina: You're never done eating! Let's go!
Sceen 4, Act 2, Upstairs.
Sabrina:(Slamming the door) What a nutcase.(Floping on the bed) That woman is hiding something!
Daphne: You think everyone's hiding something.
Sabrina: And you would hug the devil if he gave you cookies.
Daphne: Well, I like her!(Harrumh's and sits down on the bed arms folded) Let's give her a chance.
Sabrina: A chance to what?(picks up her head and looks at Daphne) Kill us in our sleep? Feed us to that monster dog of hers? No way!(Flops back down) While you were shoveling in those meatballs did you ever think that they might be made from the last couple of kids she claimed she was related to?
Daphne: You're gross!(throwing a pillow at Sabrina)
Sabrina:(sit's up hearing a strange sound) Where is that coming from?
Daphne:(see's dancing lights outside the window) Amazing.(walks over to the window and puts hand on the glass) They're so pretty.(sabrina goes to open the window.)
Mr. Cannis: Girls, you'll leave that window closed if you know whats good for you!(stomping across the room) You are never to let any one or anything into this house
Sabrina: It was just some ligtning bugs.(rolling her eyes and crossing her arms)
Mr. Cannis: No one comes into this house. Do you understand what i have just asked of you?(Sabrina and Daphne shake heads in agreement) Very well. Good night.
Daphne:(whispering)What was that all about?(There is a kock on the door, Granny enter's)
Mrs. Grimm: It's been a long day hasn't it?(sitting on the bed)
Daphne: Mr. Cannis yelled at us.
Mrs. Grimm: I heard. Please don't be too upset by Mr. Cannis. He has your best interests at heart. Believe me, lieblings, we are both very happy to have you here, but there are a few rules you have to follow(looking pointedly at Sabrina) and I know that what I tell you might not make a lot of sense but the rles are in place for a reason. First, never let anyone or anything into this house without asking Mr. Canis or me if it is OK.(taking hold of the girls hands and sit's on the bed) Second, there is a room down the hall that is locked. It's locked for a reason and I ask that you stay away from it for the time being . You might hear some unusual noises comingfrom inside, but just ignore them. Do you under stand?(Sabrina and Daphne nodd) As for the rest of the house, feel free to explore. You'll notice there are plenty of books to keep you occupied.
Sabrina: (sarcasticly)Really? Books, I didn't notice.
Mrs. Grimm: If worse comes to worst we can always dig out that old TV. Who wants pancakes in the morning?
Daphne:(Smiling) I do!
Mrs. Grimm: Are you warm enough? Do you need anything to sleep in?
Daphne:(opens up suitcase and pulls out two extra large T-shirts) No, we have these.(handing one to Sabrina)
Mrs.Grimm: Very good. Good night, don't let the bed bugs bite.(getting up and leaving shuting the door behind her)
Daphne: She's nice.
Sabrina:(clenching her fists) It's all an act. That woman is hidding something and we aren't sticking around to find out what it is. Get some sleep. We're running away-tonight.
Sceen 3, Act 3:Leaving
Sabrina:(getting out of bed)We have to go.(grabbing their coats and walking carefully down the stairs to the front door) There's a key hole on this side, too! We have to find another way out.
Daphne:(yawn's and rub's her eye's) Let's go back to bed.
Sabrina: We have to get her keys.
Daphne: How are we going to do that? She has them.


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