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Into the Mirror World

Short story By: Alaina707

What if a ghost girl named Anabel was haunting your house? What if she came back for revenge? Andrew is a 12 year old boy trying to read about the paranormal and taking in new Urban Legends. What if Anabel comes back for revenge? Will Andrew survive or will he too face the Mirror World? Author's note: Ah Hello there, I'm Alaina. I like reading, writing stories, singing, and History. I really Really like reading about ghosts and Urban Legends. Sorry if I'm not a good writer. I will write the next chapter really soon. One more thing you all need to know. This is my first book and it might be a short book, so enjoy it!

Submitted:Mar 13, 2013    Reads: 30    Comments: 1    Likes: 1   

It has been ten years after the death of one of the ghosts that haunt this house. My name is Andrew Jones and I like reading about the paranormal. It was just an ordinary day in the house, my sister Amelia, was listening to music, my brother Mat, was hanging out with the girl next door, and I was reading about Urban Legends and ghost stories that people told over the internet. I was reading about one of them, the name is Bloody Mary. Psh I even knew it wasn't real. Back about two years ago, I went to the bathroom, turned the lights off, lit a candle, placed it by the mirror, spun around, and chanted Bloody Mary three times. That night, nothing did ever happen. The ghost in my house is real though. One time, I saw her at the end of my bed smiling a evil smile. "Come play with me," she chanted as I tried running into the hall. The last I heard from that same night was, "I'll get my revenge." This day was a different day than usual. I was on my computer and as I normally do, I was reading about paranormal stuff. I haven't seen the ghost girl in a while, but as soon as I turned away from the computer screen, she was standing there with a mirror saying the same thing she said the other night, "Come play with me." I ran out of the room and accidentally ran into Mat. "Geez Andrew, are you always scared?" I shook my head and said bravely, "No, but if you look in my room, there is a ghost girl in there." Mat went to look in my room and came back. "No ghost girl in there." He went to his room and closed the door. "Thanks for your help Mat!" I said quietly and ran to my sister's room. "Amelia, let me in!" Amelia finally opened the door and sighed. "Amelia. come with me, there is a ghost girl in my room, I'm not even lying!" Amelia and I went to check my room ad no one was in there. "Nice try Andrew, but you tricked everyone enough. Stop playing your childish games." Amelia walked off and went outside. The ghost girl appeared again and smirked. "Come play with me, Andrew." I looked in horror as the mirror grew brighter and brighter. "N-no!" I ran out of the room and hid in a closet. Later, I came out, got a shower and laid on my bed. I knew the ghost girl was watching me. "If you're here ghost girl, show yourself!" The ghost girl appeared and she was holding a music box and a mirror. "Stop calling me ghost girl, I hate that name. Just call me Anabel." I looked around and sighed, "What do you want Anabel?" Anabel thought for a moment and grinned an evil grin. "I want your soul." Anabel held up the mirror, played the music box, and watched as his soul begin to drift away from his body. "Now you can play with me forever, and ever, and ever." Anabel laughed and disappeared, leaving his body on the bed. The next morning Amelia found his body and screamed, the police came over to investigate the crime scene. They had no idea how he had died, so they made things up, and assumed one of the guesses had to be the answer. Anabel watched the police with a sly smirk, knowing that they didn't know it was her who killed the boy. She disappeared and went back to the home she called her mirror. She awaited her next victim.
Extended ending for this chapter:
The mirror world, a dark place, and mirrors all over the place. Andrew was sitting on the ground when Anabel came back. "Let me go, I don't want to be here!" Anabel smirked and said, "Well, I can take over your life as the sister Amelia and Mat wanted." She laughed evilly and disappeared. She could forever have a life she never had. "Nooooo!" Shouted Andrew, but it was too later, Andrew had to find a victim and relive his life.
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