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Things That You Absolutely Must Have In Your Purse At All Times

Short story By: Amity Willows

My second list that I've published on booksie.
I think I'm getting better at this. Enjoy! :-)

Submitted:Nov 19, 2007    Reads: 313    Comments: 2    Likes: 0   

Credit: Thanks to TaliuBlu for her suggestion, in red, and thaks also to Ienne for her suggestion, in blue. :)

  • Kleenex: For boogers and tears alike.
  • A mirror: To examine your face for minor abrasions of the skin, or giant zit's bigger then your nose.
  • A plastic bag: For any garbage you might have, including plastic yogurt cups and candy wrappers.
  • A small dog: In case you get lonely. Make sure it can fit in the side pocket of your purse, or it's to big.
  • A hand sized video game: In case you get bored in the doctors office.
  • Ear plugs: For everyone else in the doctors office who hears you when you cry "Die alien scum!" at the top of your lungs.
  • More ear plugs: For yourself when other people just won't shut up.
  • Band-aids: Small size for paper cuts, large size for "Smaller wounds" as the box tends to say.
  • Hair clips: To give your hair a little help.
  • Pencils: To write with, to draw with, and to stick behind your ear.
  • Pens, to write with, to draw very carefully with, and to stick behind your ear. As long as the cap is on.
  • Erasers: To erase. Be it pencil marks, erasable pen marks, or people when they get on your nerves.
  • White out: To get rid of those little mistakes. If only they could work on life instead of paper.
  • Hand sanitizer: Comes in handy when the soap dispenser is empty.
  • Pads, or "Feminine protection": Goes without saying.
  • Allergy medication: A must, even for those supposedly without allergies. Trust me honey, you're allergic to something.
  • A brush or comb: To brush or comb your hair. I won't say "Duh", that would be rude.
  • Painkiller: For back pains, head aches, stubbed toes, sprained something-or-others, and many other ailments that often befall the clumsy and uncoordinated.
  • Socks: In case you go bowling wearing sandals and no socks.
  • Breath mints: It's hard to be social with "Dragon breath".
  • Lip gloss: For shiny and beautiful lips.
  • Notebook: If you are the curious kind who writes everything down, from the license plate number of your neighbors car to the color of his wig.
  • Travel brochures: you never know when you need to get away.
  • A pop-tart: Or any other convenient and portable kind of snack.
  • A bottle of water: To help your snacks go down.
  • A camera: To take snapshots of your car accident to use as evidence. Or a snapshot of a doggie would be nice to.
  • Cell phone: For emergencies. Or when you remember to tell your mum that you'll be staying out a little longer then expected. J.C Penneys has the cutest pair of jeans on sale, didn't you know?
  • Keys: For doors, cars, mailboxes and portals to magical worlds.
  • Wallet: Money.
  • Duck tape: It's fixes all.
  • Gum: To make it seem like you're doing something cool in front of that special guy.
  • If I've left anything out please let me know. alt

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