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Short story By: angellynn

Carlena Wiggins loved the Colorado mountains. It was like her to take long drives through the scenic route. She was too busy listening to a cd she had burned to have heard about the blizzard warnings on the radio. Her life was in danger just around the bend. Will there be someone to save her before she freezes to death? Or will she be buried alive beneath the snow, in her glistening grave.

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It was dark and Carlena found it hard to breath. The air was bitter cold. She couldn't tell where she was, or how she got there. She reached into the darkness, only to find that she was trapped.

She began to scream, but only echoes of her despair filled her ears. " Help me! " She cried.

She fought to escape the seat-belt that had locked against her shoulder. She began to panic. Her mind tried to recall what had happened.

She remembered hearingher andKeithssong on the radio and the hot chocolate spilling between her legs. She recalled the swirving of the car, and then.. " Oh no! " She had skidded off the mountain. Her car flipped several times before landing a few feet beneath the snow. Her life flashed before her eyes, as she passed out. The temperature began to drop, as she shivered from the cold mountain air. She shivered from fright.

She couldn't tell how long she had been unconscious. Hours maybe. Her hands and feet were numb with frost bite. It had to have been awhile. Her body was like a piece of ice.

" Am I dead? " She thought. " I cant be dead. I'm not ready to die. " She tried to cry, but there were no tears.

Carlena felt the very life inside her fading. Her heart barely beat. There was nothing warm to hold on to. She thought about her boyfriend Keith, and her family. She thought about how much she loved them, and God.

She thought about how sad it would be to miss Christmas, and her moms pumpkin pie. She tried to think about everything but dying. She was so cold. She wondered If anyone would see her car. It was buried deep beneath the snow.

She tried to blow the horn, butIt was no use. The electrical system was down, nothing worked. She tried praying. It was the only thing that gave her hope.

Carlena drifted off to sleep. It wasn't a good idea to do so, but she just couldn't stay awake any longer. She came to, briefly to the sound of chimpmunks fighting over food. She could hear song birds singing in the distance. Suddenly she heard a most sweet and lowly voice calling her name. She listened. Once again the voice whispered her name, with it was a sweet smell. The most wonderful smell shes ever sensed.

Her lids were heavy, and in need to shut, but she had to answer. " I'm here. Who are you? " The words escaped her blue lips.

A bright glowing light lit up the car, and the sweet smell became stronger. Carlena raised her head towards the light. Her face as white as the driven snow.

Then an angel appeared before her. Carlena was mesmerized by her beauty. " Am I dead? " She asked the angel.

The angel smiled at her. A most loving smile embraced her lips. She had an angelic way about her. Most amazing colours. She was of a good spirit. " I've been sent to help you child." Taking Carlenas hand.

" To help me? " Carlena questioned. " Who has sent you? " The angel didn't answer. Instead she held Carlenas hand. She could feel the warmth of the angels touch.

Carlena wasn't cold anymore. Then suddenly she heard sirens. Within minutes of the angel taking her hand. There were firemen cutting through the car. They pulled her from the crumbled wreck.

" Where is she? " Carlena cried.

" Wheres who? " The firemen asked.

Carlena realized they didn't see her. " Never mind." She told them.

They were amazed to find Carlena alive. The car was a total wreck. Every inch of it was damaged. They couldn't believe anyone surviving such a horrific accidident. It was a miracle.

Carlena spent a few days in the hospital. She made it home the day before Christmas. She thanked God for sending his angel to protect her, and for sparing her life.

This will truly be the best Christmas ever. Thank God!


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