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Short story By: angellynn

True story about a painful part of my life. The events are are real.

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ChocolateRainbowKisses asked me to write about something that happened in my life. She commented it didn't have to be anything too personal. My name is Vickie, and this is my story.

It began in October of 1993. It was about three weeks before Halloween. My dad and I, had planned to take my children trick or treating. They were so excited about it as my dad always took us to the most ritzy parts of town. Not to mention it was his favorite time of year.

He was a wonderful dad, and an awesome grandfather. The children loved him dearly. He worked at a local hospital, as did several members of my family. He was maintenance superviser, and I was a laundry tech. I had two brothers who worked there also.

It was required for employees to have an annual check up each year. Since my dads last name began with B. He was among the first to see a doctor. He wasn't too happy about it, since he knew his blood pressure was pretty high, and he was a diabetic.

The morning he was to see the doctor, he took his car to the shop to have new tires put on and rotated. We were a religious family, and believed in God. Some how when my dad walked into the shop. Someone had left a floor jack out, and my dad tripped on it.

The owner called an ambulance, my dad was rushed to the hospital. After several hours, the doctor came out and told us he had broken a couple of ribs. The doctor found something else in dads x-rays. Something none of us was expecting.

My dad had complained about pain in his upper back on his left side for years. He was a stubborn man. I get that from him. He blamed the pain on being overworked at the hospital. He worked there for over twenty years, with a perfect attendance. Never missed a day.

The doctor took my mom to the side. He was telling her something about dad. I could tell by the look on her face, it wasn't good.

When the doctor left, I asked mom what he had told her. She took us to a room, and asked us to sit down.

I was terrified at what she was about to tell us. She began to cry. " Mom, whats wrong? "

She looked up, her eyes were so sad. The doctor says your dad has cancer.

" What! " I couldn't believe what I was hearing. " Cancer! No! " I fell to my chair.

My brothers, and younger sister were still trying to grasp what mom had told us.

I wanted to see him. He was my whole world. What was I going to do without him. I walked into his room. He was sitting on side of the bed, his head was down. He didn't hear me come in.

He was praying. I was praying. Dear God please let this be a bad dream. But it wasn't. We lost our dad the following year, and I still miss him very much.

Then the following year after we lost dad, we lost a brother, and an aunt. The year after that another aunt, and my husbands mom. It went on like that for five years.

There is a saying for this kind of trauma, when it rains it pours. I guess that is true.

God does work in mysterious ways. If dad hadn't fallen. He would have never known he had cancer, and he wouldn't have lived as long as he did. We wouldn't have had the precious time we had with him without the chemo and, radiation. My children had a few more months to spend with their grandfather, and I thank God for the extra time we shared together.

Febuary 1,1932/ October 21, 1993

We Miss You Dad



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