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The Day God Appeared

Short story By: Angry Red Mark

If God exists, why doesn't he come down and prove it to everybody? Here's why.

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I can't remember the date, but I'll never forget the day. It seemed neither the time nor the place. But on that day, which as it normally proceeded would have been historically unnoted in retrospect (or at least acknowledged as a piece of bland chronological space between important and separate human events made long before and long after it), the most momentous thing happen that ever could have happened. That day was akin to the time Neil Armstrong stepped on the moon. And it was at least as important.

For as long as man's mind could hold skeptical thoughts, there have been skeptics. Both well meaning and cynical skeptics who have doubted the existence of God, since they could not physically see Him.

Some (atheists), noticing no supernatural occurrences but plain natural law in action, are openly hostile to the idea of a "divine creator". Being the most offensive of all, this would then imply that this "creator" could be able to impose moral standards at his own whim, and terrible (perhaps even eternal) punishments to those who fail or refuse to abide by these rules. It is easier and more beneficial to their cheerfully hedonistic lifestyle for them to assume that the belief of any god is just an outdated superstition originated in the primitive past by ignorant people in need of unattainable answers, or by strong-willed men as a way to control and terrorize their weak minded followers.

And there are those (agnostics) who kind of want to believe in God, but are baffled. If there is a God, why does he allow bad things to happen? And if he exists, then why is he physically absent from the world? Couldn't he just reveal himself and end all the mystery?

There are even some Christians who chaff under having to have so much faith in Him. It seems to make the job of converting the lost all the more difficult not being able to provide direct physical proof of the spiritual realm to show them. Dear God, how about another old fashioned miracle in these secular times?

Then it occurred, and doubt vanished. I was a witness, along with the rest of the world's population, so I can tell you what happened on that fateful day.

I was driving to Rapid City in my '85 Ford Escort (still barely running after over 20 years!) on Interstate 90 at around 2:15 P.M. The day was sunny and a little hot and cloudy. As I drove, I glanced up a bit from the road to appreciate the bright blue sky a little. As quickly as a light switch flicking, the entire sky rolled up like a scroll, making the blue as black as outer space, and what looked like a million lightning bolts flashed everywhere in the sky. I pulled my car over to the curb and stopped, so I could get out and get a better look at what the heck was going on. Cars close to me did the same. The light show looked surreal, and you involuntarily felt the presence of the supernatural, like you can sometimes do even during regular lightening storms. But this of course was much different.

What sounded like a trumpet blast filled the air, and actual angels were seen coming down, as if to prepare the arrival of someone much greater then them. Then in a terrifying scene, the lightning flashes converged into a ball of bright white, and expanded across the enter sky as if it where a hydrogen bomb exploding. In fright I fell to the ground. I had to keep my head down, because the sky was now too bright to look at. Then I heard the voice of God talking to us. Not wholly talking that is, as in English words coming out of His mouth and through our ears, but only the final product of talking; the brain directly receiving the message. Being omnipresent, what He told us was uniform in content, but with uniquely personal differences for responding to every individual's thoughts. Or to put it more plainly, God was having a private conversation with each person on earth simultaneously.

We all thought it was now the end of the world, but God assured us that it wasn't. Not yet. This was only a casual visit by Him.

I really do not count myself to have the authority or ability to quote to you what He said. His words cannot be successfully filtered through my own finite and sinful tongue, so for fear of blasphemy I officially state my own inadequacy at writing a truly definitive translation. Please consider this a retelling in my own less impressive words essentially what God said to us.

"I have come down for the sake of all the unbelievers, to reveal that I, The Lord God Almighty, do really exist. And I will stay here until every man acknowledges my existence. I will also stay here until every man acknowledges that the Word of God (aka; the Bible) is infallibly true, that I created all life on earth in six days, and that Jesus Christ is my only begotten son."

Then God covered His face from us so we could get up off the ground. Hundreds of millions of atheists and agnostics, from where ever they were at the time, became stunned but held out thinking that they were being played some kind of billion-dollar practical joke. God heard these thoughts from around the globe, and spoke to them personally, vouching for acceptance of the truth. We all saw impossible miracles performed by an invisible hand; mountains were picked up and thrown into the sea; loved ones who had passed away rose from the grave; food multiplied in starving third world countries; wine glasses were dropped on the floor without shattering; snow appeared in southern California, etc.

Whenever God was tested, He passed it. "If there is a God, do this." and He did it. "If Jesus Christ is your son, then do that." and He did that too. "If there really is such a thing as a god, then may he strike me dead on this very spot!" and God struck him dead on that very spot. Eventually, everyone had to believe what was in front of their own eyes. The entire world believed. There was real excitement about what God's actual presence was going to mean for the future and how much life on earth was going to change.

Once every mind was sincerely convinced of God's existence, God spoke again:

"There. Now that all doubt is washed away and the skeptics completely rebuffed, I will continue to run the world exactly the same way I have been running it before. Because I was doing it right the first time!"


God disappeared. All the miracles were instantly reversed and everything was back to normal, as if nothing ever happened.

The event was big news in all the newspapers and T.V. shows the next day, which led credence to the fact that God's appearance wasn't just a personal hallucination. Pundits and religious experts questioned and debated what this revelation meant from now on. As time went by, and nothing further happened to come of it, the answer had to be: not much.

The reaction was mixed, mostly negative.

The post-atheists, who now received their long demanded irrefutable proof, became even more offended, and cursed God to His face (if it were still present). Not wanting to follow impossible moral laws in exchange for the same old absence, they renounced and blasphemed Jesus and the Bible, adding sin upon sin, worsening their punishment on the Day of Judgment than would have befallen them had they just ignored God all this time, like beforehand.

Post-agnostics were disturbed, rather then comforted, by the proof they had asked for, and already started to want to disbelieve what had just happened. They were unsatisfied with the way the world was run. They didn't trust God to run it right. It was because they didn't trust Him that they didn't literally believe in Him. You have to have the former before you are given the latter. That's the way God traditionally reveals Himself to believers. The agnostics wanted the reverse, and they got alienation, instead of a relationship.

Even Christians weren't entirely happy about God's flash miracles. They already felt vindicated about God's existence because of what He did in their own lives (the secular word for that being 'coincidences'). Being aware of God already, the miracles didn't add anything, other then puzzlement over why The Lord would reduce His awe and authority to merely showing off in order to convince wicked little men He existed. It actually made converting people harder, since it caused disillusionment instead of wonder in those spiritual seekers who now "experienced God" in the shallow manner they desired.

Years passed, and that incredible day receded into memory. The skeptics, who once swore to God their conversion, fell back into their old ways of thinking. People increasingly began to believe that that day never even happened. As more generations came, it became increasingly easier to do this. All videos and other types of physical evidence were declared fake. The event was just too unscientific and outrageous to believe. Soon, atheists and agnostics were once again demanding proof from Christians about the existence of God.

Ultimately, that day, of God presenting himself with proof and miracles for the world, accomplished nothing, other than to serve as a demonstration for why God would never bother to do such a silly thing in the first place.

The End


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