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A Place in the Woods

Short story By: arik Z

My opinion on hiding ones true self from others. talking about a utopic place where no-one hides there true self.

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We live in a world were no one knows all about anyone else, in a world were we hide the deepest reaches of our soul, sometimes even from our selves. It is as if there is always a veil over us. Others know about how we look, but we are hiding both the beauty and the ugliness of our true face. Even if you toke all that everyone knows about me and put it together you would not grasp my entire being. Even our best friends, our loves don't know about the bottom of our hearts.

However, there is one place of truth. Behind my house there is a sort of park. More of a wood, really. Through it runs an overgrown path. It is hard to find, and once you do the trees seem to try to stop you from penetrating the heart of the woods. You walk for a long, long time. The path seems to take you in zig-zags and long detours. Many times you feel ready to give up and turn back. Then, just as you are almost turning back, you see a small clearing. In it there are several benches. The trees bend over the clearing, creating a small dome. There you might see someone singing, and a man and woman dancing. Maybe they are not a couple, but they are friends, and they are pouring there soul out in their dance. Maybe there is a musician playing for the world to hear, totally lost in his music. There could be a woman there, engaging in the "unwomanly" art of carpentry. Or perhaps there is not musician or singer and the pair is dancing to there own inner music, one soul in two bodys. Maybe you here a child reciting, dramatically, something that if he said Elsewhere, everyone would stare at him. Here you might find a common person showing beautiful thoughts on a blank canvas, painting a child, or the dancers, or the trees. Maybe an invalid would come here and watch the dancers with longing eyes. Here, the dancers would come to him, and take him out of his wheelchair and lift his light body up in their dance. The man trusts them, here, for they have such strength and beauty. Maybe two lovers unveil them selves, truly, for the first time, taking of the masks they never thought they had. Maybe here a few people will set aside a patch of ground as a garden, and plant flowers. In the other World, these flowers would bloom quick and die, but here they wish to stay, and watch the happiness that lives here.

No, this is not a dream, nor a fairy land, or wistful thought. This is simply where all might show there soul, openly. Elsewhere, if the two danced, they would be accused of being lovers. If the singer sang Elsewhere, he would be laughed at, with his melody without words. If the musician played Elsewhere, he would be told to stop begging, and go somewhere else. If the woman sawed and built Elsewhere they would tell her to leave the job to the men. If the child recited thus Elsewhere, he'd be branded an odd one, a fool. If the painter worked Elsewhere, he would be told to leave painting to masters. If the invalid was taken up Elsewhere, all would yell "You're hurting the man!". If the gardeners planted Elsewhere, they'd be told 'There's no room for weeds!"

You enter quietly, and start singing, or writing or gardening or... You start the pursuit of your inner soul, the thing you never dared to do before for fear of laughter. The others help you, reasonably, and your soul joins with them all. Now, you have to leave. The others nod at at you, that simple action caring more meaning the most fervent "Love You" in the whole world. Maybe, one of them will give you some small thing. A painting or a flower or some such. But that does not matter. What matters is the place, the person behind the gift.You smile truly for the first time and leave, to come back again to this heaven in the woods.


We're studying Utopia in school, so this was the first thing thatcame to mind on seeing this picture:


with the word "park"

for a7XRicas's Relate It contest: http://www.booksie.com/other/miscellaneous/a7xrica/relate-it-contest

Sort of realtes to my often hiding my "true self" from people (I know everyone does it to some extent or another)


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