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Expectations Die!

Short story By: arun

An orphan girl hates the atmosphere of being brought up in a missionary. She longs to be adopted...
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Expectations Die!

She used to see partly in jealousy, partly in awe when her friends - the same kids who played with her all these days, shared with her joys and sorrows, part with her - almost certain of never returning. The images frequently happened to flow in her mind. The image of her friends waving at her with dimple cheeks holding the hands with their 'newly' obtained parents. She certainly was tired of being here, more than tired, has she developed a hatred of her abode.

Though the headmistress doesn't ride roughshod over anyone and treats every child equally, she doesn't like to have a 'universal mom'. She wanted and always longed for a separate mom and a dad - as shown in TV; unfortunately, since the moment she opened her eyes, she was unable to see her mom or her dad; she was always told to be blessed, which she would vehemently disagree with.

Mother Diane, the head of the missionary told her that they found her under the feet of a wax Jesus Christ. Though she likes Mother Diane, she wanted to get adopted, get educated in a premium institution, and have a separate room, the same way some of her friends had been taken away. She's just nine, but started to develop questions against the existence of god - which is abominated in there!

It was now just before lunch, in this glorious Sunday, when she was playing in the little park that is built-in inside the missionary; she was summoned to the office. Oblivious of the reason of her being called, she frenzied her way to the office only to find a respectable man in his earlier thirties and a woman of almost the same age, greet her with wide lips, being sit opposite to Mother Diane in the office. Mother Diane greeted her, and none of what she said and asked, entered her ears but only the news that they are to adopt her kept on ringing in her ears. She observed her new parents signing some papers which she doesn't understand why. But who cares? I'm going to have my 'own' parents.

She was told to meet her friends and wave to them in the same pre-set manner, which she's very much wont to, because of having seen many a such scenes. Grabbing firmly the rough hand of the masculine figure she showed her (almost) white teeth discontinuously for the umpteenth time, whenever any creature comes across their tread towards the exit gate, followed by Mother Diane and few other 'assistant mothers'. The exit gate, though is a regular sight, filled her mind more than anything else for now. She eagerly awaited for the moment she would escape from the gate, like an encaged bird being shown the outside world.

What she saw made her heart pound hundred times a minute - a black Porsche. This is the first time she will go in a car. The only trip she had had is the annual trip to a hill station in a van, with her friends and the staff - the same boring faces. She was elated that she will see new faces, get new friends etc. The 250 feet gap between the gate and the car is filled fully with her imaginations. It continued until she was kissed on the forehead by her 'new' mother. Her joy knew no bounds, and she kissed her back with a creamy voice, 'mommy!'

The Porsche cruised at 45 km/hr but her imaginations raced at the speed of light. Slides kept coming in her mind, when the 'dad' guy drove them home. It is always been insisted as safety to wear seat-belt. But she brushed all the rules aside being sit on her mom's lap. Slides continued to materialize in her mind's eyes such as her having a separate room full of toys, her mom spoon-feeding her, her dad playing hide-and-seek with her, she being taken to an amusement park and enjoying thrill rides, getting into a big school and getting rich girls as friends etc.

'Home sweet home.' declared her mom, goading her into the doorway. She was impressed to find such a commodious hall and was gobsmacked at the luxuriance of her new abode. She enjoyed being with them until it was night. She was spoon-fed, played hide-and-seek, being let to play with a puppy. Mom spoon-fed her dinner.

She was shown a room upstairs full of whim-whams as she dreamed and was told to sleep, and remain in, not to come out until been summoned even if she wakes up early morning. It didn't appear to her as an order. She was not in her mind. When her mom tried to get away closing the door, she tried to call her and kiss again, say "good night mom" but it went in vain, as, to her surprise, the mother figure didn't even care to stare at her. She always thought of mother as a one who would switch off the bedroom lamp, kiss the child and closing the door say "good night dear". Well, now she composed herself that it was only in movies. Maybe the 'movie-moms' were made to do so!

She didn't know when she closed her eyes, but when she opened her eyes and went astir, she was sure that it was at least nine a.m. She didn't know what, something told her so (the bedroom had no clock). She remembered her mother's orders and confirmed herself to conform to it. Sitting by the edge of the bed for more than fifteen minutes now, she ran out of perseverance. Telling herself that it was not a big fault to override the order, she slowly opened the unlocked room and made to the corridor.

She heard her parents speak with another new voice. She decided to go jumping to her mom when she heard something she was supposed not to hear. They were selling her to a third party who would rip her off her eyes, kidneys, and other organs! She was about to scream, but restricted herself from it. Tears rolled down her cheeks unevenly when she realized that her new parents were indeed new parents to many such other kids, who were been sold to the same third voice. What went below is clearly a bargain. She couldn't believe that Mother Diane had been cheated. She swiftly returned back to her room when she heard footsteps ascending and fell on the bed prostrate so that they won't guess she would have been awake. She heard her mom say to the other voice 'silly girl, still sleeping.'

She was been awakened, and been readied. Full of poison. Full of deceit. She was then told that the new voice was her uncle and that he will take her to amusement park. She nodded deeply and showed off as being very happy. They guided her out of the home, being grabbed firmly by arm, by the 'new' uncle. Very firmly like fate-lines on one's hand. Her parents waved at her standing by the door and when the uncle guy let her loose a moment for opening his car (his' is a Volkswagen) door, she pushed him away gathering all her strength. Though, her strength was not enough to tumble him down, he, for a second was agitated because of the unanticipated melee. Before could he regain his composure, she was running out of his view.


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