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Harper Gruzins rise to stardom.

By: babykolabear

Page 1, about a young girl who started from no where to be the next super star.

Harper gruzins was a young girl that like to watch the great singers on tv.she would walk around the house singing on a pretend mike.       her voice was amazing.   her mom notice her singing and called a music teacher to help her get even better.     harper followed every word her teacher taught her.         she would sing every day after school.  she learn how to play the piano and guitar.    she would sing at her school. her friends loved her.   they new there was something special about harper.       weeks went by she was getting better and day a local radio station heard about her.and ask her to sing.she was so excited.she gave it every thing she had.people loved her.    she was eleven years old but sounded much older.her mom took her to new york to meet a music producer.   he was so amaze at how she sound.  he had her record the new song that she wrote,  it went number 5 on the charts.she put out a nother hit two weeks later it went number one.she travel all over the country singing on mtv late night shows.  she was putting out hit after hit. her music out sold selena gomez  and miley cyrus.she was a super star.she went to the white house to perform  for the president.  the president was amaze at how she sound.  from there harper went to china to sing for thousands of excited fans  shouting her name.there was posters of her all over the world.she had millions of fans.she won so many music awards.she bought her mom a beautiful house in the hills with a huge swimming pool.and two cars. she made her first movie and she was great.  a actor and singer she did it all. but she never for got where she came from.   she stayed close to her friends.and loved all her fans.harper gruzins dreams has come true.all the hard work had paid off.and she oh it all to her mom. who gave her the love and the will to be a star.

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