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I'm a Great Pretender

Short story By: blackstar07

To betray is to pretend.

Submitted:Jan 5, 2012    Reads: 252    Comments: 80    Likes: 17   

"Nat, look at that billboard! I know someday, we will become famous like Angelina Jolie." Raven said to her blond-haired friend as they look together at Angelina Jolie's billboard.

"Yeah, I know! We will reach it together!" Natalie embraced her friend, Raven and dreamt of the same thing together.

"Lights, camera, action!"

Good life, loving parents all blessing were given to her. She was a famous actress, Raven Miller.

"Good smile, Miss Raven!"

After eleven years, at last, her dreams came true. Raven Miller is a young, famous actress of her times. She got everything- perfect looks, perfect smiles, and perfect curves. With only few months, she was able to raise their lives from being common to unique. She had a very successful life, with a wonderful mansion and different establishments. But still, something bothers her.

"She never was and never will be, you don't know how you've betrayed me, and somehow you've got everybody fooled." Natalie sang as she looks at herself in the mirror. Natalie always locked her self inside her room. People say that she became crazy when a prohibited drug was discovered in her room.

Natalie never became crazy. She just got depressed. She was put in rehab for almost a year. And now, she's free, but her life is the most miserable among the miserable. She can't even smile, nor enjoy herself a little. She always cut herself and attempted to commit suicide for many times.

Nobody cares for her. No friends. No family. She's all alone by herself.

In her room, there's a poster of Raven Miller and a magazine. She turned the pages on. The cover of the magazine are the picture of the most famous and beautiful girls namely Natalie Underwood and Raven Miller.

Raven Miller became famous because of a friend, Natalie Underwood, a former friend and suddenly eclipsed in the middle of her life being a famous socialite. Raven and Natalie were classmates since high school. They shared the same hopes and dreams. They were like sisters. No one can ever separate them. Then, the nightmare of her life suddenly hit her again. That is the moment when she reminds the pain she felt when Raven admitted that she is the one who put the prohibited dugs inside her room. When they were in the court, no one believed her. She begs for justice, but the ears of the law was deaf on her cries.

"Common Natalie! Don't you ever learned!?" Again, Natalie cried. She sat down on her bed and continues crying. She can't refrain from sobbing as she recalls her good memories together with her so-called 'friend'.

When she stopped crying, she felt that her stomach is aching. She decided to go to market.

Natalie went down the stairs. She wears a long sleeved blouse in beige. Her old black leggings fit her slim legs. Natalie changed a lot. Her face became pale and at the age of twenty-five, she appears to be forty something.

There was a group gals outside the store and they talked about Natalie Underwood over and over again. Natalie was inside the store and she hears all the talk about her but she just ignored it.

Suddenly there's a big crowd outside the store. Natalie stood up and sees what's happening. It was Raven. Raven gave her most beautiful smiles at the people around her as she waves her hand proudly.

"What a fake smile." She just ignored upon seeing Raven that is very happy and busy chatting to her fans. It reminds her of her before.

She leaves the store and decided to go home. Her heart aches a little, knowing that she still cares for her traitor friend. While she was walking, two girls laugh at her and ask her if she was Natalie Underwood. She ignores it again and continued walking.

"Look! That bitch actress is still alive!"

"Oh, how poor!"

Again, the two girls laugh. Natalie can't stand it anymore. She runs as fast as she could as if there's someone after her.

When she was at her own house, she goes to her room straightly. She locked her room again. Inside her room is the shouting voice of silence that breaks her eardrums. She cried again. Then she saw the movie that she performed when she was still an actress. She cries while she's watching her own movie and realized how fool she was. She talks to herself.

"It's difficult to pretend that you are happy even though you are sad. But what's more difficult is to pretend being in other personality in the camera."

She stood up and went directly to the bath room. She faced the mirror. She wants to see her true face. Her big blue eyes can't ignore the pain inside her heart. She tried to smile, It was fake one.

"Damn it! I better die now!" Natalie smashed the mirror. The mirror was broken. Seeing her reflection in the broken mirror reminds about her broken heart, broken future, broken life. Everything's broken when you start to pretend from being the person whom you never became.

"Raven, remove your mask as early as you can. A friendly advice from Me, Natalie."

……THE END…..



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