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Werewolf Life: Return of the Wolves (chapter 1)

Short story By: blondie411

Scarlet finds out that she pregnant and she goes into a minor labor. Mark gives her to his brother, Derek, so that Derek can take care of her. Later, he and Scarlet fall in love.

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Werewolf Life: Return of the Wolves

Chapter 1: Knowing the Truth

Scarlet was feeling worse than ever. Something just did not feel right. Scarlet was always hungry, and her weight added on everyday even though she rarely ate. She couldn't be pregnant, because she hadn't mated enough with Mark. In fact, where was Mark? He never left this early. Scarlet and Mark had been traveling for seventeen weeks. During the day, they ran without stopping and during the night, they hunted and ate what they could until they needed to rest. Today was unlike no other except the fact that Scarlet's belly pain was terrible.

Unable to get up, Scarlet howled out to Mark. Out of nowhere, Mark came running with a distressed look about his face. Mark's father, who just so happened to be a doctor, taught Mark many things before he died. Mark and Scarlet both changed to their normal self. Scarlet's day dress blew about in the breeze while Mark examined her.

"Great! Just great!" he muttered to himself.

"What? What is it?" Scarlet asked, staring up at the sky.

"You're pregnant. As a human it's twins, but as werewolf it's quadruplets. The good thing about it is that they can do like you and me, change from both forms. By the way, they will be here in three days time which means you will going into labor on day one, two, or possibly day three. Your birth can come naturally as a human or werewolf. That you will have to decide yourself," Mark told Scarlet. Scarlet was upset about this. Why did she have to be the one to have twins or quadruplets? It wasn't fair. Besides, what were she and Mark doing anyways? No one knew about the wolves since Rayleigh's death.

All of the wolves left each other; each going to the four corners of the earth. Some left with mates to repopulate the werewolf species while others left single. Scarlet and Mark were headed to the unknown.

"Where are we going?" Scarlet asked Mark.

"We are going to my homeland where I was born and raised," Mark told to Scarlet.

"My legs hurt a lot. I can barely walk," Scarlet said panting. With that, she fell over and changed into her day dress. Mark came over and nudged her. She looked up. He looked at his back then back to her. Scarlet understood what he was saying. He was actually going to allow her to ride on his back. This was very rare. Scarlet climbed on as Mark took off running.

Night was coming on as Scarlet fell off Mark's back. He turned and looked at her. There she was just laying there. Mark went over to her and nudged her. She looked at him and then yelled out in pain. Mark changed to his human self and ran over to her. Scarlet was in labor and she was too weak to change to a wolf.

Mark cursed under his breath as Scarlet started yelling from the pain. He panicked as Scarlet cried and yelled.

"Scarlet, you have to hold in the pain and try not to get your water to break until we get to the nearest hospital," Mark told her quickly.

"Ok, so you tell me exactly how to stop my labor and I will try my best!" Scarlet yelled at Mark.

"I don't know that," Mark told her.

"Well, Mark, I either have my kids right here or you call an ambulance to come pick me up! Oh, wait! There is none! Everything is wiped out!" Scarlet stated while still yelling at Mark. Mark changed to his wolf form and gently set Scarlet on his back where she passed out.

Mark took off. He knew he would have to run through the night, but he figured he might not make it. Lucky for him, he knew the werewolf life style. At night while they were sleeping, he was running to catch up to them.

Night after night, he ran with Scarlet on his back. Finally, the stench of their group was unbelievable. Mark walked on until he came across a breathing lump. Mark nudged it with his nose. The lump jumped up and stood very still moving its eyes.

"I need your help. It's with my girlfriend. She's pregnant and my legs are killing me from all this running," Mark told the werewolf. It looked at Mark and smiled.

"Well, if it isn't my brother. How are you doing Mark? Did you come to rub your girlfriend in my face? If so, you may leave," Mark's brother told him.

"Derek, please. I can't take this. It was supposed to be her and me without children. You need her more than ever. You can do better than me. She is in labor and she needs a hospital. I don't care if its empty or crowded, get her please," Mark told Derek.

"Ok. So what's her name? You know what happened the last time I didn't know any of your girl's names," Derek said.

"Her name is Scarlet. All you have to do is give her what she wants and she should be fine," Mark said setting Scarlet onto Derek's back. "Now go." Then Mark disappeared into the brush. Derek ran the opposite of where he was going. He passed a hospital not even two miles away. Twenty minutes passed and Derek felt a stir on his back. Scarlet jumped, or fell, off Derek's back. She stood up and then changed into her wolf form. Then she turned and looked at the other wolf.

"Derek?" she asked.

"Yes, it's me," he told her.

"Oh my gosh. I have not seen you in like forever. What are you doing here? Where's Mark?" she asked.

"Last night, Mark found me and gave you to me because he had no clue where a hospital was and he said something about you. Oh, yeah. He said that it was supposed to be just you and him, no kids. He also said you were in labor," Derek told Scarlet.

"Oh, I wasn't exactly in labor. You see, he told me to get out of labor so I just suffered with the pain. Then I passed out for…I don't know how long," Scarlet told Derek.

"Wow. You sure can remember things that happened before you pass out," Derek complimented Scarlet.

"Yeah," Scarlet replied. "Well, I guess I'm single again until I meet someone who loves children."

"I love...,"Derek was saying before Scarlet fell over and changed to her human self. Derek watched her holding her stomach and screaming out in pain before he reacted. He quickly put her onto his back and ran to the group of wolves that he was in before Mark came along. Luckily, they were still there. Scarlet yelled out in pain again. The wolves awoke with a start. They looked at Derek with alarm.

"Who is that?" one asked.

"It's a friend of mine. Now one of you all has to be a doctor," he said looking around at them.

"I am," said Dr. Anderson who was changing from a lean black wolf.

"Good. My friend, Scarlet, is pregnant and she happened to be in labor when my brother gave her to me," Derek said.

"She's ready to give birth, but she is too weak to change to a werewolf so she will be in pain. Someone get my doctor bag and give Scarlet and me some privacy," she said while receiving her bag. Derek walked away quietly. Everyone was sleeping when Scarlet yelled. Derek jumped up and ran to Scarlet who was crying with pain.

"Has she done it yet?" Derek asked Dr. Anderson.

"Yes. One boy and one girl," the doctor told him. "I will leave you two some privacy. It seems to me that she is more than a friend to you."

"Say what you like Doc," Derek told her as she exited the room.

"Derek?" Scarlet called out.

"Yes? I'm here," he replied laying beside her.

"Do you really love children?" she asked him.

"You know the answer to that. I love children," he told her.

"Then are you willing to be my children's father, my boyfriend, and our protector?" she asked him, looking into his baby blue eyes.

"Yes," he said smiling down at her.

"Good," she said and they leaned in and kissed.


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