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Werewolf Life: Return of the Wolves (chapter 2-3)

Short story By: blondie411

Tags: Love, Ends, Soon

Scarlet gives birth to her kids. Meanwhile, Mark meets a werewolf named Angel. He tells he these lies about Scarlet and Derek. Angel plots out what she is going to do. Battles break out between Angel's clan and Derek's clan.

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Chapter 2: New Relationships

Scarlet looked at her new children. The girl was a dark brown color which reminded Scarlet of Rayleigh. The boy was a medium gray color. Scarlet decided to name the girl Stephanie and the boy Scott. Derek walked in just as Scarlet put the children into their homemade crib.

"Did you name them yet?" Derek asked her.

"Yes. Stephanie and Mark," she said.

"What! You named him after my brother?!" Derek asked.

"No. I'm just kidding. His name is Scott," she said playfully punching his arm.

"Ok. I was going to say," he said.

"What were you going to say?" she asked with a smile on her face.

"I was going to say that his name is going to be changed if it was Mark and you would never name the boys' again," he said jokingly.

"So there will be more?" she asked happily.

"Whatever you want," he said. "Oh, and before I forget, we will be traveling today."

"What are we going to do about the children?" she asked.

"Easy. We built this platform that will have the crib tied onto it. Connected to the platform is some rope that is tied to a circle which a wolf's head goes through. So the babies are pulled. Everyone actually really does love the kids because they fought over who was going to pull. After the fight, they suggested that I get the pleasure of pulling it. You can walk beside or whatever," he explained to her.

"I will walk beside," Scarlet told him. The two changed after everything was assembled and all the wolves formed an assembly line: strongest on the outside, babies in the middle, and weakest between the babies and the strongest. Then they started walking east.


After Mark gave Scarlet to his brother, he left. As he kept going north, he came across this girl named Angel. After four days, they began dating. Angel realized Mark didn't know exactly everything about being a wolf like he said so she taught him. He later told her about Scarlet and her children.

"So, your brother took this girl away from you and then ran you off?" Angel asked him.

"Yes. Did I also tell you he now has my kids?" Mark told to Angel.

"That's horrible," she told Mark.

"I know and the bad thing about it is that he will not allow me to see them," Mark told her. Mark went on telling lies about Scarlet. Of course, Angel believed them.

"I'm gathering an army and we are going out to find this little Scarlet and Derek. We are going to kill them and take back your property," Angel said.

"You know why I love you? You are always thinking of amazing plans," Mark told Angel.

"Do you like it?" she asked looking up.

"I love it!" he told her.

"Let's prepare," Angel said pulling out a pen and parchment. With that she wrote a letter:

Dear Derek and Scarlet,

You have three days to prepare. We, Mark and Angel, are coming to take back what belongs to us. Scarlet, it is not good to cheat and talk about your boyfriend, especially one that is nice and kind to you. Derek, it is not good to take people's girls from them. The children belong to Mark, not you Scarlet. That reminds me… Scarlet, you're mine and Derek, your brother wants you. Have fun. We will travel to you so that means stay where you are at and prepare. Signed,

Mark and Angel

"Messenger, can you send this to Derek and Scarlet? They are in the clan going east. Thank you," Angel told the messenger.

"Are you sure about this?" Mark replied to what Angel was doing.

"Do you want your kids or not?" she said.

"Yes, but fighting for them will not solve anything," he said.

"It will solve this time because you will be getting your children back," Angel stated.

"Well, Let's prepare," Mark told her.

"No, we can start traveling. We can scare them and attack first," she told Mark. Then they gathered up their best troops which made one big army and they headed out.


The messenger arrived to Derek's clan after two days.

"Derek? Is there a Derek and a Scarlet here?" he asked.

"Right here," Derek said walking out and changing to his human form.

"A message for you. I wish I didn't have to give it to you, but let me tell you that you need to prepare," he said turning around and running away. Derek opened the letter and read it. Then gave it to Scarlet.

"Everyone! You need to train and prepare. You weak people will now have your chance to become strong. Megan, you train the weak females and Jesse, you train the boys. Your trainees will get light meals so that they train faster. You strong people will fight for protection," Derek told everyone.

"Why are we fighting anyways?" one person asked.

"Scarlet and her kids are in danger of being killed. Doctor, you will take care of the wounded," Derek said to them.

"Well then, what are we waiting for?" Jenny yelled out. Everyone knew what they were up against. Even the strongest of the whole clan had to train.

Nighttime had come and everyone was winding down. Meals were fed to everyone and now they were just resting.

"Derek, do you think they will win?" Scarlet asked.

"Why would you say that?" Derek asked looking at her.

"Mark is a strong werewolf and if he can take down a whole clan by himself, then he could take down ours if he wanted to," she said looking down.

"Trust me Scarlet, he will not take our kids away from us," Derek told her. Then, they fell asleep. The next day, everyone was doing the same thing as they did the day before. Megan had the girls and Jesse had the boys. Megan took the girls out into the field where they could get into pairs and play fight. Jesse snuck the boys onto the field and let them play fight with the girls.


Angel and Mark were coming really close to Derek's clan. There territorial smell filled the noses of Angel's army.

"We will rest here and restart tomorrow," Mark told everyone in his army. He and Angel curled up together and fell asleep quickly. Later, he awoke to the sound of someone walking. Then he saw it. The wolf from Derek's clan. Mark let out a growl. The random wolf stopped and looked around.

"Angel, look," Mark whispered. Angel opened her eyes and smiled.

"I'll take it down," Angel told Mark. She got up and walked over to Derek's clan member.

"What's your name? My name is Samantha," she lied.

"My name is Kevin," he told her.

"Where's your clan?" she asked Kevin.

"It is around the bend and two hours away. I'm in Derek's clan," he told Angel.

"Thanks. Send this message. Angel is on her way and tell him I said thanks for the information from Kevin. In fact, tell Kevin that he doesn't need to trust everyone," she said smacking Kevin across his face with her paw. Kevin jumped up and ran off. All of the wolves laughed.

"Get up! Now! Follow him!" Angel yelled. All the wolves got up and ran after Kevin.


"Derek! Derek!" Kevin called.

"What?" Derek called getting up from his nap.

"I'm sorry," he told Derek while crying.

"What do you mean?" Derek asked Kevin.

"Angel tricked me. She said her name was Samantha. She asked where I came from and I said 'From Derek's clan around the bend and two hours away. They are following me. I'm sorry," Kevin told Derek.

"Kevin, you are forbidden to go on your walks unless you can convince someone to go along," Derek told him. "Everyone prepare because in two hours we are fighting!" Megan, Jesse and the trainees were finally coming in from the field when Derek ran up to them.

"They are coming in two hours. Get them prepared," Derek told them. In fifteen minutes, everyone was prepared. Then, they came.




 Chapter 3: Battle


"Where are they at?" Mark asked.

"Mark! Calm down. We will get them. Derek, give us the children and we will leave with no blood drawn. Now just give them to us," Angel said to Derek.

"Well, I guess there will be a fight then," Derek told them.

"Get ready for battle," Angel said. Angel looked at eight of her fighters. They nodded to each other. Angel turned around and roared. All of the fighters on her side charged. Derek watched them edge closer. He roared and his clan darted out from behind and from the sides of the surrounding forest. Angel howled and the eight wolves turned against Derek.

Mark and Angel knew where the babies were because they had a "scout trooper" spying on them. They headed into the deep undergrowth until they found her.

"Scarlet, we were wondering if Mark could get his children for a week…Is that ok?" Angel asked.

"Oh, shut up. Mark knows damn well that it will be forever," Scarlet told them.

"Ok. That's it! I am tired of playing games with this stupid ass clan! Those are Mark's kids, not yours!" Angel exclaimed getting frustrated.

"Well, did Mark tell you I needed to stop my labor so that I could get to a hospital…If that was where I was going? Did Mark tell you how much he hates children?" Scarlet asked Angel.

"Mark loves children. Now gives us the them so that we can leave and not severely hurt you? Angel said.

"No," Scarlet told them calmly. Angel and Mark looked at each other and then jumped on Scarlet. Scarlet fought the best she could, but it was too much for her. She just laid there while the other two attacked her, ripping and biting the flesh of Scarlet. Finally, it stopped.

Scarlet felt the blood ooze out of her and dye her brownish red coat. She watched as Angel and Mark took her children and put them in a sack. Scarlet tried to get up, but fell back down. She tried again and again until finally she was up. Angel rammed Scarlet into her sides with such a force, it cracked Scarlet's ribs. This time she fell and she couldn't get back up. Angel and Mark laughed and then got up and walked away.

The two got a few miles away so that Derek couldn't attack them. Lucky for them, he didn't notice the sack. The eight wolves that were attacking him turned around and left. Derek's battlers were tired and felt as if they could never make it to the little villageso they just laid and rested where they were.

Derek went to find Scarlet. When he did, he couldn't believe what he saw. Scarlet was laying there with rips and tears in her skin.

"Dr. Anderson!" Derek said trying to keep the tears in. The doctor ran in and stopped.

"What happened here?" she asked.

"It doesn't matter! Is she going to make it?" he asked looking at the Doc.

"She has lost a lot of blood and her ribs are cracked. Oh, I noticed how her eyes keep trying to close. If they close then she will die. Try to keep them opened the best you can. Other than that, there is nothing else to do," she told Derek.

"Scarlet, please keep your eyes open. Try," he told her.

"I'm tired. I want to sleep," she told him crying.

"If you sleep then you will die. We don't want that. I don't want that. You can only close your eyes if I feel that you need to sleep," Derek told her.

"Please. Please let me sleep. I'm so tired. Please," Scarlet told him again.

"No, no, no. Scarlet, do not go to sleep," he told her as her eyes started to close. "Scarlet, listen to me. Open your eyes. Open them." Derek rushed over to Scarlet and started trying to open her eyes, but she just closed them back. "Scarlet, please keep them open."

He again tried to open her eyes, but this time her eyes didn't close. Derek knew what this meant. His beloved Scarlet was never going to see her children grow up. She was never going to teach them the things that they were going to need to learn. Scarlet was never going to kiss his cool set of lips again. Derek was devastated. He loved her more than anything and to see her die, that was worse. This was the last straw. Mark had to go without the children.

Wait, the children! Derek ran over to the crib. There it was, blank and open with nothing inside. Of course, that was why they went away first. They had the children and the wolves that were attacking him was just a distraction.



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