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Changes to the Rating and Listing System

By: BooksieGuy

Page 1, We\'re in the process of rolling out some changes in how the rating and listing system works together. Read on to learn more.

We're in the process of rolling out some enhancements to the rating and listing system on Booksie. The new changes will better categorize X rated work to prevent suprise and discomfort for readers and the writers of X rated material.

X rated material will no longer be displayed in several "public" areas on Booksie, including the home page and the main Read page. Instead X rated material will appear within the individual genre listings, via search, via tags, and on the author's Booksie page.

Erotica will be most impacted by this change. Erotica will now be listed in the Erotica genre and on the author's Booksie page. This allows Erotica writers to write and post at will without fear of offending other readers on the site. Under the new system, if someone is reading erotica, they were looking for it. Erotica can also still appear on the site's Top 20 lists. Other X rated work will also appear within their genres and on their author's Booksie page.

If someone wants access to X rated material, they only need to click the genre category or search for it.

We made these changes based on your input and hope they lead to a better publishing and reading experience. Thank you.

I'd be happy to answer any question you have.


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