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Green Eyed Magic

Short story By: Briiee

This is a story of a very powerful first kiss

Submitted:Sep 25, 2011    Reads: 35    Comments: 2    Likes: 1   

I stared deep into the miraculous pools of green that stared right back at me, watched the gentle breeze rustle his beautiful curly hair, and felt feelings indescribable to the world. He was dressed in a sultry, irresistible outfit that complemented his beautiful tan skin. Which sent a war raging in my heart and soul, I knew this battle wasn't one that I faced alone, but instead we were both doomed to lose. This battle wasn't the bickering, the disagreements, the impatient glances. It was much more than that; it was a war we fought together, yet in complete isolation. This war was a war against everything we knew and everything thought we wanted. I will be the first to admit that I wanted to lose the war, but as long as his war kept raging on so did mine, my eternal struggle with mankind's greatest emotion, love.

His eyes smoldered and melted away my every other thought. He used a magic so bewitching that the only thing I could do was slow the effect it had on my heart with my own antagonizing stubbornness. "Come on, let's go outside." He whispered so quietly it amazed me how it still held onto its bewitching qualities. I knew that if I followed him my already shaky self-control would be lost. I would fall under his spell. So I did what I do best, I began to use my own bewitching magic on him, and with this his dominating power lost its ground, he was losing his power ever-so-slowly to me.

I felt the stinging urge of stubbornness throughout my body, I was not about to lose to those beautiful eyes. Those beautiful eyes that stared at me with an impatient fervor, he wanted to win just as bad as I wanted him to lose. We aren't always like this, most days we understand each other better than we understand ourselves, but something changed today we both could feel it. Whatever it was though we had no clue, all we knew was that we were unusually stubborn and anxious today, and these bazaar emotions gave no sign of ending. Neither of us really knew how long this passionate staring contest lasted, we only knew that it began.

I inched my way closer to him radiating nothing short of absolute power. "Make me." I said in a manner that implied contest to his strength, his will, his desire. I continued to stare him in the eyes; he stared back like prey looking death in the eyes. His strength and resolution became a faltering, weakening cloak that one might actually see if they looked close enough. I knew I was winning, but he, resorting to his last defense, his last attack, inched infinitely closer to myself, but this attack, this defense guaranteed defeat for us both.

He closed the last remaining space between his lips and mine with such strength and fervor that any other woman would simply die happily within his arms, arms that were now wrapping themselves passionately around my weakening body. This kiss sent a pulse of molten iron through our veins, dissolving any doubts we had. This kiss lasted for what seemed a heavenly eternity. Our lips pressed with pressure that compared to latter intensity seemed to be soft at first. We soon lost any and all control and we were overwhelmed by the burning sensation that gripped us. This burning sensation was like an everlasting lightning bolt that coursed through our veins every second we touched.

This kiss would have lasted forever if it weren't for the uncanny ability our friends had for showing up at incomprehensibly bad times. During our last seconds of our first kiss our decision was made whether or not we knew it at the time is debatable, but from this kiss came a love that spans many, many more pages.


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