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Lies Always Fail

Short story By: brittneymarie

Well, I did finish this short story, but I dont have it all posted on here..i just want your overall opinion on it. I want to see if you would like to read on with it :]


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Lies Always Fail

We all argue in life from the most little things to the most extreme things. Whether it's with a boy or girl or even ourselves. It's the way we were raised and the way we will ever know. I thought to myself. I watched the clouds circle around the blue ocean sky, dancing into the most sinuous shapes and curves. The wind blew through my empty mind giving me the most thrilling chill to awaken my soul. I heard the birds sing their morning sorrow and the near cries of the cats scraping up whines for some old trashy food.
It began raining a short while later and the raindrops piled up on my long brown tangled hair. It was only minutes later that the thunder would come shaking my thoughts and the lightening purposely shattering every dream into a horrible mess of somber lies. The vociferous wind scurried wildly through the broken tree tops and made them dance through the pouring rain in an uncanny way. The stentorian thunder pounded down over the mountains and the lightening slowly crept between the surface of the water.
I got up from the cold wet ground and ran away as far as possible from the storm. I was alone by myself for the first time in my life, leaving me to live amongst natures course. I was told I was nothing, but a wastrel little sixteen year old girl. Thats one of the reasons I ran away into the forest to be alone. From what I remember I have always been alone my whole life. My parents died sixteen years ago in a car accident. Lucky for me I survived the crash. I don't know how, but I did. My mom died during the scene and my dad was dragged away in the ambulance with nothing, but pouring blood. They were on they're way to the emergency room when it happened. Turns out my mother was giving birth to me while my dad was driving. They found me on the floor of the old 1970 mustang. My mom already had a name picked out for me and that was Melony Maylen.

I was adopted awhile later since my aunt Stacey couldn't take care of me anymore. I was adopted by the bloody family of the Barrens. The story about my parents I just mentioned was by them. They already had a kid of their own, Courtney Barren. She is a cold-hearted bitch, so to say. I was only eight when we started to hate eachother. She got scissors one day and cut off all my thin brown hair. Her parents didn't believe that her daughter would do that and blamed it on me for being stupid. They sent me to my room and I remember staying in there for a full week. I was only aloud to go to the bathroom twice a day and only was aloud to eat when they felt the need I was hungry. It wasn't all that often either.
I took the tortue they indured me through for the next eight years. Living in the hell house of bloomsbury Pennsylvania, where everyone thought the Barrens were sweet hearts. Obviously they didn't know of the big creeps that they really were. I never had a friend to call my best and for school I wasn't aloud to talk to anyone. I usually came home and read a book from the library that I usually stole from. Reading was one of my passions since it was the only fun thing that I actually new how to do. So much for sleepovers and parties, almost every teenager encounter's. The only good thing about my life there wasn't any boy or girl drama. Since I never got to experience it I kind of wonder what its like to be in everyone's business. I mean thats what the human life is only good for right?
The Barrens weren't home one day when I snuck out, they went to get their daughter ice-cream and to look for a brand new car for her sixteenth birthday. Thats when I ran away. So it brings me here in the violent thunderstorm in the forest searching for some shelter and comfort from anything that happens to come my way.


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