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Grammar Police: Justice is Served

Short story By: CanadianIdiot

What happens when you spell a word wrong when you are speaking? The Grammar Police come and arrest you.

Submitted:Mar 2, 2008    Reads: 293    Comments: 8    Likes: 3   

Gramar Police: Justice is Served!

"Yo dawg, what up!?" Snag greeted Pop as they met in the back alley.

"Nuttin' home boy, how yo doin'?" Pop said giving him a manly punch on the shoulder.

"Aw ya know," Snag said nodding his head around, "I'm-a fine 'n good lookin'. Getting with all deh ladies and destroyin' some turf!"

"Dude, that's crunk yo! Fo'shizzle!"

"Word, brotha from anotha motha!"

Before Pop could reply, sirens filled the air, heading their way. At the front of the ally, a cop car stopped and out jumped two police officers. On their chests were large "G"'s.

"Grammar police," The taller one yelled holding out a large book, "Nobody move!"

"What the crap, yo?" Snap asked the Grammar Police.

"Put your hands in the air!" The office ordered.

Snap and Pop did as they were told. "Dude, what the crap is goin' on!?" Pop asked.

"You are under arrest for misuse of grammar durring speech while in the Distric of Columbia."

"Wait, what yo?" Pop asked.

"Should I repeat it?" The shorter ofifcer asked.

The first officer nodded no. "They should've known they were breaking the law."

"Dudes, this is wack," Snap yelled, "How can we use bad grammar if we are speaking yo?"

"He used it again!" An officer yelled!

The taller officer opened up the book that he was holding out. "There are no definitions for the words 'yo', 'crunk', 'fo'shizzle', or 'anotha'."

"And how would yo spell 'anotha'?" Snap asked.

"You two used it spelled as a-n-o-t-h-a. The correct spelling-"

"How do you know if he was misspelling!?" Pop asked.

"We're smart that way." The short officer confirmed.

"It is not possible to tell if someone is mis-spelling when they are talking, dawg!" Snap yelled.

The short offcer snorted. "Can we just bring them down town?"

"Yeah, sure," the tall officer confirmed, "cuff 'em!"

The next second, Snap and Pop were cuffed. They were then led into the busy streets and into the police car of the grammar police. "Dawg, what have we gotten ourselves in to?" Pop asked.

"Quiet!" An officer yelled, "And stop using bad grammar!"

After that, the engine roared and the car took off, driving the cuffed Snap and Pop down town.


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