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Trickster 3 is a non-sensical story following Trickster 2 where Steve, Angelo, and Dr. Hagashi continue to attempt to find out Jamie's gender.

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Steve dressed himself in his new clothing: his former grey and black costume was now green and white with black boots to add to what he called his "swag". His cape was now a blood red and swayed back and forth to his tailbone. The musketeer hat he donned was still grey and torn in spots, and but now he stuck a feather into it for style. His mask was no longer crude and poorly made: he had purchased a new one off of eBay, half of it white, the other half black. It was made of steel and wrapped around his head, under his black hair which fell over his neck.

He stepped out of the bakery, the August-sun casting down upon him and the unnamed town which he lived in. The bread Marco, the baker and Steve's friend, made sent out an addictive scent that spread down the street; It was so easy to find one's mouth watering on a moment's notice after catching the scent. The paved rode stretched on into the town and back out into the middle of nowhere. Usually the town's people would be walking among the street on the bright Sunday morning. However, ever was attending Church on the other side of town.

Everyone except Angelo.

Angelo was waiting across the street. As he saw Steve emerge from the bakery, he crossed the street, somewhat eager to see the Trickster.

"Steve," he said in his casual, laid back voice, "Dr. Hagashi called me last night."

Steve rolled his eyes under his mask and groaned. "Was it about how I made him think he had alzheimers and hid his dinner the other night?"

Angelo chuckled. "No, it's about Jamie."

Steve groaned again. Jamie was the town's leper, more so than Steve. What made Jamie such an outcast over Steve was that nobody knew Jamie's actual gender, original appearance, or anything distinguishable about them. The only thing that made Jamie identifiable was the beyond obscure and random costumes seen around town.

"Jamie is my friend," Steve declared, "Last time we tried finding this out, we used a net. And that didn't work."
"Hagashi said this was going to be more..." Angelo began to recollect the words Hagashi used. "More relaxed? Less menacing?"

Steve pondered for a moment. "Okay fine, let's go see Hagashi."

Hagashi's house was a zoo at first glance. There was exotic and rare creatures roaming around the house, free to do whatever they wanted. Steve ducked under multi-colored birds as he motioned his way through the house. Furniture and tables were covered in notes or animal food. Diagrams of some of the animals were on white boards all over the house. The house smell of feces and left a fetid taste in Steve's mouth.

Steve and Angelo motioned into the basmenet, where they found Hagashi in his lab. It was a common basement with multiple tables with test tubes and small skeletons of animals every. The short Asian doctor was studying what appeared to be a Unicorn with bat wings. When he saw Steve and Angelo, his face lit up and he dropped what he was doing.

"It is so good to see you two!" he said in his heavy Asian accent (Steve was lucky he had his mask to conceal his smile), "I think we might be able to find out this town's most pondered question today!"

"You mean Jamie's gender?" Steve asked.

"I think we'll be able to find out more than that today!" Hagashi announced proudly, "I have made a new device that will surely help us!"

"You invented something?" Angelo asked, "Aren't you a biologist?"

"I have a lot of spare time, belive it or not," Hagashi replied, motioning towards a table near the batwinged unicorn. He pulled up an object hidden under a cloth. "Allow me to show you, the final version of my Identification Machine!" He unveiled it and held what looked like a gun with a satallite dish on the end a screen facing the holder.

"So it... identifies people?" Steve asked.

"Precisely! It is sure to identify anyone who it points towards. It's as simple as ABC."

"Easy as 1-2-3?" Angelo asked. Steve chuckled.

"Allow me to demonstrate..." Hagashi said, pointing the device towards Steve. For a minute or so, the device made a whirling noise and seemed to focus in on Steve. A minute later it made a soft "ding!" and Hagashi smiled. "If you look here, it says everything about you: Your name, estimated age, height, clothing size, etc."

Steve took a look at it. IT was very indepth accurate. "So this should definitely tell us what Jamie is?"

"It is accurate, correct?" Hagashi replied.

Steve decided to become a smart-ass. "No Doc, this thing's tell me I'm an over weight woman from Tennesse who lives in a trailer park."

"What? It doesn't say that! I just looked at it!"

"Are you forgetting already, Doc? Maybe you have alzheimers," Steve chuckled..

"That wasn't funny the first time!"

Steve, Angelo, and Hagashi began walking towards the town center. All the shops and houses were dark and empty, waiting to be reopened and re-entered.

"Church should have ended by now, so that means Givoni is making a speech for his re-election campaign," Hagashi said, "So if Jamie should be in the crowd somewhere. You two need to distract him while I get a reading on him. You remember how he runs away from me at first glance, correct?"

Steve rolled his eyes. "Doc, as long as this doesn't involve any nets or chasing or cross dressing, or anything related to the other times we've tried, then I'm okay with this."

Angelo chuckled. "I thought you enjoyed dressing up as a woman, Steve? And getting all flirty with Jamie?"

"Go die," Steve spat.

They entered the town square, where the tall white church, the more popular stores, and town hall surrounded the area. In the center of town was a gigantic stage with the entire town crowded around it. On the stage was Givoni and his campaign poster of him, resembling the Barrack Obama ones. A slight breeze started to kick up and stage wobbled slightly.

Steve and Angelo easy noticed a character dressed up in a mummy costume in the back of the crowd. Hagashi saw where they were staring and a smile crept onto his lips.

"There he is! Go distract him!" The doctor exclaimed.

Steve and Angelo quickly moved up next to the mummy, who obviously was Jamie. Steve put his arm around the wrapped body's shoulder. "Oh hey Steve," Jamie said in a very hissing and ominous voice."

"What's good?" Steve asked.

"Listening to what Givoni is saying he wants to do if he's re-elected."

"This doesn't make any sense to me."


"He's not running against anyone!"

Jamie adjusted some bandages. "Oh, true. Well it just boosts everyone's voice."

Steve chuckled. "Watch."

The wind started blowing and the campaign poster behind Givoni started shaking back and forth. After one strong gust, the top of it with the picture of Givoni ripped off, revealing a picture of Steve in the same pose and color as Givoni's. As the crowd roared with laughter, Givoni started to stall and stuttered, shocked at what was behind his own poster.

"Wow..." Angelo said.

Behind Jamie, Steve noticed Hagashi was using the device behind Jamie. For a few moments, Hagashi had a smile on his face, excited to finally use the device. However, after a few seconds, the device started to spark and completely fell apart.

Angelo turned around whne he heard the sounds. "Did it really just break?!" He screamed, pissed off.

"I don't understand!" Hagashi yelled.

Steve groaned and turned around, giving himself a facepalm.

Jamie was confused and started to slowly inch away.

"Oh no you don't!" Angelo roared. From his pocket he ripped out a sack and grabbed Jamie by the neck. He pulled him to the ground and in a panic (Everyone in the crowd noticed and stared to scramble, screaming) shoved Jamie into the sacck.

"What the hell are you doing?!" Steve asked.

"I'm sick of everything not working!" Angelo retorted, "I wanna find out what the hell this THING is!" He reached into the sack and pulled Jamie up by the head.

Angelo unwrapped quickly unwrapped the bandages. After what seemed like an eternity, the bandages quickly came unwrapped and revealed a face beneath the bandages.

"It's a he!" Hagashi exclaimed.

Jamie's face was incredibly masculine, equipped with a full red beard, yellow stained teeth, and a lazy brown eye. "He looks like a lumberjack..." Steve muttered.

"Well at least we knoww who exactly Jamie is!" Hagashi exclaimed, "Excellent job, boys!"

"And I would have kept this secret, too," Jamie roared, "If you hadn't been such dou-" Jamie suddenly stopped speaking. His jaw twitched and his head fell off his shoulders, wires sparking and tubes dangling everywhere.

"You're joking..." Angelo muttered, in shock. He looked up at Hagashi, who had the same expression on his face.

"Oh crap, I had to give that back to Hyde..."

Everyone turned around (The town now leaving) to find Jamie, in his suit of armor, and Givoni, staring at the sparking head. Jamie shrugged, "Eh, I guess I gotta go tell him you guys broke it. He'll be angry." He walked away, his armor making a clanking sound as he went into town.

Givoni approached Steve. "You do know Jamie never plans to let anyone know," He said.

"It really seems like it," Steve muttered, "I'm just gonna go home. I'm hungry."

Givoni rolled his eyes. "Also, thanks for that WONDERFUL poster..." He pointed to the stage with Steve's poster.

Steve chuckled and patted him on the shoulder. "I just thought you needed something interesting." He started walking away back towards home.

Hagashi held the robot's head in his hands and just looked at it. "I'm getting too old for this town..."


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