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The dad that raped me

Short story By: Candi Renee Walker

Tags: Other

Tasha is only tweleve years old. She lives with her daddy. Who is a cop. But he has been hurting Tasha in a horrible way how could a cop do that. Is he really or is Tasha bluffing. Comments please...

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Holding that blade she knew what she had to do to get rid of all her misery and pain. Tears strolled down her pale face she couldn't take the pain no longer. She had to leave her father before it was to late for her. She looked at her wrists and sobbed harder when she saw the previous cuts on her arms. She took the blade put pressure on her wrists and ran the blade across her arm. Blood trickled down her arm as the pain was lifted away. Tasha was a twelve year old girl who lived with her father who was a cop. She had black hair with blue highlights that came to the bottom of her breasts and green eyes. She always wore long sleeves no matter if its hot or cold. She wore tight jeans and shoes. She had few friends and she cut herself numerous times because of her father. Ever since her mother died her father had loved her more than a family way. After she sighed from her pain she went to lie down on the bed. A couple of minutes later she cried herself to sleep. Morning came and she opened her eyes to a bright sunshine. She got up and put her school outfit on and went downstairs to eat breakfast. Tasha fixed a bowl of ceral when her father came through the doorway. He leaned down and kissed her forehead. "Good morning dad" Tasha said. "Good morning sweetheart" her dad had replied. "Honey I'm going to be home early today so come home after school" her father said. "Okay" she said. He left out the front door and she ate her ceral praying to god that he wasn't in one of his moods. She tried to keep him happy as long as she could but somehow everything she did made him angry. She got up and washed the dishes and went to school. The only person that actually knew about her whole detail and background was her best friend MaKayla. "Hey Tasha" MaKayla said. "Hey" she replied. The bell rang and Tasha went to class and hoped the day would go by slow. The bell rang for the students to go home finally and Tasha made her way to her locker. "Hey do you want to come over tonight" MaKayla asked. "No I can't" dad said "for me to come straight home" she said. "Oh do you think he's going to do it again" MaKayla asked. "I don't know I hope to god not" Tasha told MaKayla. Tasha got home and went upstairs to her room quietly. "TASHA GET DOWN HERE NOW WE NEED TO HAVE A LONG TALK" her father yelled. "God please no" she prayed silently. She walked down the stairs and went to her father. "What dad" she asked? "Come her now young lady" he said. She went to the couch and sat beside him. "Does this belong to you" he asked as he raised the object up? Her eyes grew huge when her father held up the bloody blade. "Let me see your wrists Tasha" he demanded. She pulled up her sleeves where the cuts were shown to her father. "Tasha have you been cutting yourself" he asked her? She chocked her words up there for a second or two. Then she said "Yes, father I cut myself" she said. "Why Tasha why would you do that to your sexy figure" he asked? "BECAUSE YOU HURT ME DAD AND I CAN'T TAKE THE PAIN ANYMORE" she yelled! "That's enough out of you young lady" he said. He grabbed her hair and yanked her down on the couch. He climbed on top of her and said "I'm going to teach you to yell at me". He bent down and kissed her lips tightly. "DAD STOP DAD STOP PLEASE" she pleaded with him. He kissed her neck and ripped her shirt open. "DAD NO PLEASE" she pleaded again. He unzipped his pants and told her to shut up and it won't hurt. She didn't listen and screamed for help. He took his fist and hit her three times. He then unzipped her pants and pulled her underwear off. "DAD STOP PLEASE DAD NO PLEASE DON'T DO THIS" she pleaded. He then thrusted up in her as hard as he could making her scream in pain. He then did a couple of more times except harder. The last stroke sent her to scream at the top of her lungs. He let out a big grunt and shoved in three more times then got off her. She laid there crying from all the pain he had caused her. He grabbed her hair and yanked her up. He said "young lady I'm not done with you yet". "Dad no more please I'm sorry I'm sorry" she said tears strolling down her face. He yanked her head down to his private and put it in her mouth. Her father put it down so far it literally almost made her pass out. He let another big grunt and yanked her back up. He ran her to the wall to his back hand and slapped her seven times across her face. Then punched her and left her naked and bare in the floor crying. She sat there in silence as her dad went outside for the night to drink. She cried and yelled to god "why did this have to happen to me I'm only twelve I don't deserve this please make him stop make his stop god please". She went upstairs crawling. Because her privates were too sore for her to walk. She got to the bathroom and took a rag and wetted. She wiped the blood from her mouth and took a shower. She got out and found bruises and cuts. The anger had built up inside her. She yelled "I hate him I hate you dad I HATE YOU" she said. She took her fist and knocked everything off the shelves broke the bathroom mirror. She said "seven years bad luck well guess what I've been cheated I got twelve years bad luck". She sat there and watched her hand bleed with glass sticking out of it. She went to her room shut the door and laid on the bed tears streaming down her face it burned but she didn't care. She sat there thinking what she could do then she got the idea. She got her nightbags and packed her clothes and toothbrush and stuff she needed and went downstairs. She went out the door and left. A couple of minutes later she knocked on MaKayla's door. McKayla answered "Tasha what happened to y... he did it again didn't he" she asked? "I'm sorry but I didn't know where else to go" she said tearfully. "MOM" McKayla yelled! Her mother came to her daughters side and looked at Tasha. "Tasha darling what happened to you" she asked? "I uh fell" Tasha lied. "That's not possible darling you can't fall and get that" she said. "It was a uh really big fall" Tasha said again lying. "Mom her dad raped her and hit her" McKayla said. Her mother laughed a cop raping his own daughter not possible. She said "I'll call your father when he gets home to come and get you" McKayla's mom said. "Can you take me to the hospital" Tasha asked. "Why sweetheart" McKayla's mom asked? "Because I'm losing to much blood" Tasha said. As she fell to the floor. A couple of hours later she woke up in a hospital. Her father was stepping through the doorway. She screamed "NO HELP HELP HELP". Her father came over and put his hand over her mouth and said "I'll get you back when we get home right now you need to rest". The next three days she slept in a hospital bed where she finally felt safe. They realesed her to her father and they went to the car. She ran down the street trying to get away. "TASHA I'LL GET YOU TRUST ME YOU CAN'T HIDE FOREVER" he yelled. Tasha ran and finally got away. She ran to her aunt's house about eight miles away from the hospital. She knocked on her aunts door. Her aunt answered the door. "I'm sorry I didn't know no one else I could turn to" she said weakly and afraid. "Your father" her aunt said. Tasha nodded her head. "Come inside" her aunt said. She entered the doorway and cried on her uncle's chest. "I'm going to go kill him Mary Mae" her uncle said. "Bill no that's your brother" her aunt said. "I don't care look at this she's only twelve" he said. He went to his truck and left. "Oh aunt Mary Mae what's he going to do" she cried. A few hours later his truck pulled back into the driveway. He slammed the door shut and opened the door and there was Tasha's father with the same beatings as she had. "Now Gerald I believe you have something to say to your daughter" her uncle said. "I'm...I'm sorry Tasha baby daddy don't mean to hurt you" he said. She screamed "YOU LIAR". "Come home with daddy" he pleaded, "NO" she said. "That's enough coming out of you Gerald she staying here and that's that" her uncle said. "Now get off my property crawl home you bug" he told him. Finally she never had to hold that blade again.


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