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Tony has to bare the horrible truth of his sisters death in a completely different way than anyone else.

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Tony looked on in disappointment at his teenage sister. So still but still looking comfortable. It couldn't be comfortable. Not with the pain she was going through
"Is death easy?" She asked quietly.
"Very." He answered. "Easier than saying 'Hello'"
She smiled at this, a very weak smile. Still staring at the ceiling she held out her hand for Tony to take. He didn't bother to try, it was no use. She couldn't feel his comforting touch at this time.
"I don't want to die." She answered, her face starting to go white as the blood drained from the wound in her stomach.
"Don't talk. It's harder if you talk."
She didn't move in anyway.
It felt weird to be given advise how to die to your younger sister. Was he doing the right thing? It was hard to tell what was right anymore.
He watched everything that happened from the sidelines. There she stood, her boyfriend on the other side of the room, shouting and screaming at her. She didn't do anything wrong, he was the one that was drunk.
"Don't you talk to me like that!" He shouted as she tried to calm him down.
"Please! Just calm down." She said, tears coming down her face.
"Calm down?! I don't need to calm down!"
"Yes you do! Now give me the bottle." She tried to say it in a loving tone but failed miserably. He took it as an insult, as if he was a naughty child getting told off for stealing another kids toy.
"No." He said firmly. Her next move was her worst.
"Give it!" She tried to grab it from his hand but he pulled it away, out of her reach. Lunging forward she caught it and, for a few seconds, they struggled. Trying to get the upper hand in the fight. She won.
Backing away with the bottle she said "Please. Have some water now."
"Water?" He asked as if she was making him drink poison. "What if I don't water?!"
"Drink some water!" She turned round to put the bottle in a cupboard. Her boyfriend acted fast and grabbed a knife from the kitchen unit. As she turned back to face him he sunk the cold, metal blade into her stomach.
Tony still watched as she fell to the ground and her 'boyfriend' dropped the knife and ran. Nothing happened for a while until she asked the question. By that time he was sitting on the ground, back against the wall.
"Just let it take over you. It's better if it happens quicker." Tony commanded. He doubted if she would take his advice.
"But I don't want to let go."
"Well, reach for the phone. Mum and Dad won't be back for ages. Your only hope is yourself." She tried to move but more blood spilled and she fell back down.
"I can't."
"Well there's no hope for you." A tear fell from her eye. It might be her last.
"There was so much I wanted to do." Tony nodded. "So much I didn't tell them."
Tony stayed silent as her last breaths were drawn from her body. It was painful to watch her horrible death.
"Let go." He said again. Her eyes were bulging, her skin as white as stone. She matched the kitchen walls. He wondered whether their parents would find her there.
"But..." She said. It was time, time for her time to end.
"Say one last thing, something meaningful. Something you can be proud of." She stayed silent for a few minutes. Thinking hard what to say.
"Make your lives better than mine." Tony could only guess who that message was for.
Her eyes closed and the blood stopped streaming out from her. Her last breaths stopped.
Tony got up and walked from the room, from the house. Down the street passing no one to a place he now called home.
By a tree, beside his grandmother stood a stone.

This is the resting place of
Tony Phillip Evans
A handsome young lad
We will all miss
1988 - 2008

A hand curled around his, a warm hand with a soft touch. He turned his head to see his sister standing next to him.
"I hope they put me here." She said.
"They will." Tony answered.
They stood, looking at his grave. Snow started to fall, the flakes landing.
He looked into his sisters face and could tell she would have cried if she could. He kissed the top of her head and she fell into his arms.
"I'll miss them." She said. "Mum and Dad."
"I miss them."


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