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Sarah. Ring a bell? This is her next story. This is short OK so just warning you.

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I sit in my private room. My hospital gown starts to itch but that's not the problem right now. I look at Irvan who's sitting in the chair to my left next to my bed. I sipa glass of water, Irvan watching me.
"Is she OK?" I ask.
"Yeah. She's down at the children area. She'll be alright." He stands up and starts to walk around the room. Not making eye contact.
"He's not going to make it, is he." I blurt out. He stares at me and I feel tears run down my face.
"Don't say that." He says, runing over to me, taking my face in his hands. "He'll make it. I promise." He wipes away my tears and I give him a hug.
"You've been so suportive Irvan. Helping me when I had a child and you saved me." I say. "I'm sorry about your past." He gets up and walks away from me.
"There's no need for that." He says. "That's the past. This is the present."
"But I'm still sorry about mine." I say. "I killed her father Irvan."
"But she's got you, and me, and the old woman next door called..."
"Fiona." I say. "her names Fiona."
"There'salot of people who will be willing to look after her. You're a good mum, Sarah and don't take that away from yourself. He'll survive." I stand up and Irvan places me back down. "No Sarah. You need rest." I lie down and he kisses my forehead. "Just sleep." I take his hand.
"I love you Irvan." I say.
"I love you too Sarah. Now sleep." I close my eyes and , quite quickly, I feel my brain turn off.

I sit up rubbing my eyes. Irvan's not in the room and shes sitting next to the bed. "Where's daddy?" I ask her.
"He went to get us drink's." She answers. I grab her hand and she holds on tight. "Are you OK mummy?" She asks me.
"Yeah. I'm just tired." I say, I hear a knock on the door and a doctor walks in. I hold on to her hand tighter until she takes her hand back.
"He survived." Says the doctor. All my muscles relax and I start to cry. "Would you like to see him." I nod, not able to speak. A woman walks in with a trolly. On the trolly is a cought where he lies. She takes him out and gives him to me. He's sosmall. The doctor and nurse walk out leaving me, her and him alone. He doesn't cry and he holds out his arms.
"What should we call him?" I ask her.
"Max." She answers. "May and Max." I stroke her head and look into his eyes. He's got his fathers. Just like May has her fathers. His hair, which is not alot, is a light brown which is glinting in the light above our heads.
Irvan walks in. He holds a orange juice and a coffee. He doesn't see Max at first and when he turns to look at me happyness fills his eyes.
"Want to see your son?" I ask him. He puts the drinks down and walks towards me. "He's called Max." I tell him. Irvan sits on the bed and takes Max in his arms.
"It's a lovley name" He says. Max starts to cry so he gets up and starts to bob him around. "I told you he'll be alright." May climbs onto the bed and Irvan sits back down. There's another knock and the doctor walks in.
"Well isn't that a lovely sight to see." He says. "You are very lucky." I smile and Irvan gives Max back to me. "He's a born survivor."


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