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The Ghost In The Shed

Short story By: Catching Frogs

Tags: Ghost, Boy, Frozen, Hand, Cut, Of, Sorry

Collin is 11 years old, a only child and just a normal kid. Can't something exciting happen to him?

Submitted:May 2, 2010    Reads: 130    Comments: 4    Likes: 2   

"I like oranges." That was the first thing she said to me.
Last week I was out in the forest behind my house and found this shed. I looked in the windows and didn't see anything to show it belonged to someone at that time. When I opened the door there wasn't much light but I still saw her. In the corner I saw her outline. She was rocking back and forth and looked up at me. I was scared because I could clearly see there was no full on colours on her. Faded so I could see right through her. After only a few seconds of us looking at each other she disappeared. I ran back to my house without looking back. Over the next few days I just got to the tree three meters away from the fence seperating the forest from my garden. But on the fifth day I got to the shed. I walked in and she was there again but standing up staring out the window I peaked through on the first day. She turned my way and smiled before disappearing again. I didn't like all the disappearing. I wanted her to stay since this was the first most exciting thing in my life. I wouldn't share this secret with anyone. If I brought anyone else would she even appear?One week after my first encounter with her she said those words.
"Me too." I didn't know what else to say.
"You do? I haven't had one in years. I don't even know if I can still have one." We were sitting on the shed floor, crossed legged. "Can you get me one?"I gave her a sharp, quick nod and ran off down to my house in a flash.
"Mum! Do we have oranges?" I cry once I'm through the back door.
"Yes, I got new ones from the shop today!" I grab one from the bowl and run through the forest to my new coolest friend ever. She was still there. I pass her the orange but it goes right through her hand. She doesn't look to happy about it.
"I wish I could have one. I haven't even eaten in years." I see the sadness in her face which is hard since her face isn't that clear. No tears come.
"We could try." I say. I take the orange, which feels very coldand peel it for her, then take it apart. "Open your mouth." I comand her. She opens her mouth, I aim and throw the first piece of orange. I see it fall to the ground, frozen even. "It's frozen." I say walking over to it.
"I know. Have you told anyone about me?" She asks. I shake my head from side to side. I would never tell anyone about my little secret. She was my little secret.
"I don't know your name." I tell her.
"Tell me yours first."
"Collin." She hesitates.
"I can't remember my name." Ghosts can't remember their names? You do learn something new everyday. "You think I'm a freak, don't you." She brusts out, but quietly.
"No I don't. Would I of come back if I thought you were a freak? And you can't help what you are. You're still a human being. Just one that can't eat." I give her a smile that doesn't get much back.
"I want to see places." She says.
"Come on. I'll take you out." I say. I go to grab her hand but it goes right through. I forgot. And when I pull my hand away I scream. It's frozen solid.
"Oh god!" She screams standing up. "I'm so sorry!" I run out of the shed to my house and burst in the door.
"Collin whats wrong?" I hear my mum ask as she walks through to the kitchen. When she comesin I see her face turn pale. Myvision turns fuzzy from tears and my skin is socken wet.

They cut off my hand. Mum and dad got me to the hospital but they couldn't help it. They asked how it happened but I couldn't tell them. Not even my parents.
That night I can't get to sleep. I keep saying it's because of the hospital bed sheets but I really think it's because of the girl. I want to tell her I'm OK and it wasn't her fault. She was young and died too early. I would be sad if that happened to me but I don't want her to feel like she was the one who made my hand get cut off.
"Please come." I whisper.

I go home two days later and she hasn't come. Do ghosts stay where they died? I go to the shed in the woods at the first chance I get. It's empty. I go there for the next few days but no sign of her. I make myself a picnic to eat while waiting but still no show. I made her run off. That's the only thing I can think of. But then it comes to me. Has she gone to the other world? Heaven or hell even. Has she finally decide to go to the place where dead poeple go? My little secret, the only adventureI had in my life, was gone. Gone. And I will never see her again.
Why is life so cruel to those who are nice. Like her. Dying at such a young age. That night I sleep in the shed. And this time she comes.
"You're still here?" She asks me.
"I wanted to see you again."
"Why? Your hand got cut off because of me." I look at my hand.
"That wasn't becasue of you."
"It got frozen because ghosts are so cold things can die if they touch them!" I hear her start to cry. "Your hand got cut off."
"Yes but you are still the coolest thing in my whole entire experience in life." She sits down beside me,making sure we don't touch.
"You should go home." She says. "It's getting cold."
"I go home when I want."
"Your parents will be worried."
"Who cares." I laugh."You're my friend and I want to learn more about you."
"I don't know much about me. All I know is I'm a ghost who lives in a shed in a forest."
"Not even how long you have been a ghost?"
"No." I start to shiver. "You should go. Now."
"Because I'm telling you to." I stand up and walk home.As I walk through the forest I hear something behind me.
"Who were you talking to?" Says Tod. The kid from down the road. He's mean and has to know everything. His one waekness is younger kids crying.
"I heard another voice. A girls voice." He says. "How did you get your hand chopped off?"
"The doctors cut it off."
"Because it was frozen."
"How did it get frozen?" I start to cry. "What's wrong?" He sounds worried now.
"It hurts." It doesn't hurt that much. It's always hurting but nothing to cry about. I can just cry on the spot.
"Come on let's get you home." He takes my, still there, hand and drags me home. He knocks on my back door.
"Collin, where have you been?" My mum asks when she opens the door.
"I found him in the woods." Says Tod. Thats right. Get people to think you helped the lost boy with no hand back to his house. You'll be a celebrity for a week or two.
"Oh thank you Tod." My mum says. She sounds like she's talking to a saint. I come in after Tod starts to walk home.
"Where were you?" My dad rages at me.
"Richard. Don't be so mean. He was lost in the woods." My mum says.
"I wasn't lost!" I scream at them.
"Where were you then?" Dad says.
"I was in theshed in the woods. It's not that far away."
"Why were you out for so long?"
"I can't tell you." I say. That would flip my dad out.
"Not tell us. Collin we don't know the reason why your hand got cut off and now we can't know the reason why you where out for so long. What's up with you?" He screams at me.
"It's a secret!" I scream back and run to my room. I curl up in my dovet andwhisper "I wish I waslike you."
"Wishyou were like what?"I didn't ear my mum follow me.
"Tell me Collin. Why is everything in your life a secret?"
"Because parents will tell me that I shouldn't do it even if it's the best thing thats happened to me in my whole life. Even if I have my hand cut off to pay for it!"
"Collin. Why was your hand frozen?" She's calmer now and I look into her eyes.
"I can't say. Not my secret to tell."
"What do you wish you were like then" I know I shouldn't say it but I do anyway.
"I wish I was dead." I could tell I hurt her bad and she left me in my room.

My mum didn't talk to me the next morning. I even packed a bag full of food and other stuff and she didn't object.
"I'm going out." I say and walk out the door towards the forest. I get to the shed and open it to find her staring at me. Like she's been waiting.
"What happened last night?"
"I didn't tell."
"I saw your mum. Last night she came out in the woods but didn't come in the shed. She must thing I'm a horrible creature. What did you tell her?" She sounder angry.
"I said I wish I was dead."
"Oh Collin. Why did you say that?"
"I don't want to get in trouble all the time for coming to see you. You should come and see me for a change." I explain.
"So. Last night your mum was horrified by whats going on. She probably things you're on drugs."
"Yeah but I'm not."
"Thats not the point. The point is you should go home, apologise to your mother and never come and see me again." Never see her again? I couldn't do that. "Tell your parents to move house."
"But I don't want to move house. I want to come back and see you again."
"Yeah well what if I said I didn't want to see you again."
"You wouldn't. I'm your only friend."
"So. I don't want you to run away from your family."
"I won't."
"Go home Collin. I don't need you as a friend. I'll move away."
"Ghost can't move away."
"Yes they can! I'm the ghost and I'm leaving!" For a second I didn't think she was being honest. But then she disappears.
"Come back!" I shout. But there's no response.


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