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Until Death Do Us Part: Tester

Short story By: Catching Frogs

Ashley, a child with no home, decides it is time to visit the old planet of Earth...

Submitted:Nov 12, 2010    Reads: 54    Comments: 1    Likes: 0   

My mother, a kind and gental woman would never hurt anyone. Not her friends or her parents or her husband. I believe that's as far as the hurt won't go.
Her childern? She doesn't really care. She has three, or four, and she may try to look after them as much as possible.
But she doesn't care.
Last week was Davids big football game, but she didn't go.
Three months ago was Daisy's prize giving, no sign of her.
And sixteen years ago, it was her second childs birthday.
And no one was there.
Daisy was a Mirical Child. That's what everyone said. She was meant to die, but survived. My mother, at the age of 21, was over the moon and thought that after the close call, she had to look after Daisy more than anything.
But, after two months of being a mother, she was with another child.
She couldn't have another child, she told herself. What would people think of her?
So, with not thinking about the concicences, she had an aborthion.
And with that, my life of never seeing Earth and getting sent to the Afterlife started.
My name is Ashley. Never got given a last name but some people who found me named me Ashley. I have silver hair, like a ghost, purple eyes for the reason that I like that colour and a wish just to visit Earth.

With a desire to see Earth I felt a bit out of place. Most people that came here alwaysed said they were glad they were dead. Apart from eternal life in the Afterlife world, everything was great.
"It's boring down there." Said a friend called Ben. "It's way better up here!" We always said 'Up Here' because not even myself knew where the Afterlife was to the Earth.
"Yeah but I want to make that desicion for myself." I would answer. Ben didn't know how to help, but I think I did.
There was rumors that you could go back, although most people just went for a brief visit in the form as a ghost. Some even said you could go back in full form.
"How do you go back in full form?" I asked one of the Elders, One of the people who dies hundreds of years ago.
"Well, you just have to fall asleep while thinking how to get where you want to go." She answered. You never found out the Elders names.
"Just fall asleep?"
"Yes. I hope you're not going. It can be dangerous getting back." She warned.
"How do you get back?"
"Well, if you go full form, you have to die again."
That didn't bother me. I've never died before. Maybe you feel a tingly feeling? How was I meant to know.
I knew what I wanted and that night as I fell asleep in my coffin I thought.
"Take me to the place where my mum lives."
Next thing I know I fall onto a bed. It's dark and I can't see anything. I feel something moving, then a light turns on. I look towards the sorce and see a boy staring at me.
"Who the hell are you?"

What do you guys think? Want it to keep going? Comment and tell me if you want more! Cf xxx♥


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