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Doren Donnel and his twin brother Ethan are having a brithday dinner for their 18th. But they have a surprise to tell everyone...

This is my entry to Gemma Doyles Contest.

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I gleam with joy. Happyness fills the air as I see it, walking thorugh those doors getting held bya few members of staff. My fangs, uncontorlably, burst from my gums, letting everyone see how much I will enjoy it. Ethan is the same. We share nearly everything in commen. Inculing minds.
"This is going to be great" Ethan tells me without anyone else hearing. Having Vampire twins is very rare. They act as one, never turning the other down. The best thing is about it we are telipatic, unlike most Vampires.
"You tell me about it! I can't wait to try it out!" I tell him.
"So when do we tell them?" He asks me.
"I'm not sure. I'll do it if you want." He looks at me, worried. Of course if he announces this then it might not be as bad but we'll get the same responce.
"You sure?" He asks me.
"Yes. I'll tell them."
He nods and looks back around just as everyone here starts to sing happy birthday. I feel worried. There's no turning back now. No matter what the Vampire Council will come looking for us and it's best to tell our family now than never.
"Here you go boys." Our mum says as she passes us our plates filled with a severed head covered in a blood sauce and dried fingers and toes. I pick up my fork but I feel sick. I can't tell them.
"I can't do it, Ethan!"
"Come on Doren. You have to."
"I feel sick."
Before I can stop myself I get up and run to the bathroom, puking in the toilet. This isn't good. We need to tell them what stupid 18 year old sons they have.
"You OK son?"I hear my dads voice say.
"Um...fine. Yeah. Let's go back." I manage to get out. I get up and walk with him back to our table. Everyone has started to eat, including Ethan. I can tell he doesn't feel as bad since he doesn't have to tell them. I stare at my plate.
"Are you going to eat that?" My sister says. Ethan looks at me. I can tell he wants me to eat it, act as normal as possible.
"Yeah." I pick up my fork and start to eat.
"Come on Doren. Do it!"
"Hey! Don't push me! It's hard to tell your parents that you and your twin brother are total idiot losers!"

"Just do it." I sit up strait. Not ready but I'll do it anyway.
"Um, everyone. I have an announcement to make." I say. Everyone looks at me. I feel a lump in my throat.
"No! I can't do it!"
"Yes you can! Prove yourself!"
"Me and Ethan have done something that we think was right." I start, puttinng my hand on his shoulder.
"Your gay with your twin?!" Crys my sister.
"No!" I shout, taking my hand off his shoulder. "It'something we thought that was best." I look at Ethan who engourages me with a nod.
"What is it Doren?" My mum asks. Oh, how much this will disapoint her.
"Well, we're 18 now. That means we can do stuff we couldn't before. This evening after we opened our presents we went to the Vampire Council. There we told them something. Something that we thought was right." I take a gulp. I look at Ethan again and he nods. "We told them that we don't like the way we live. The way that they control our peaceful world. They thought we were joking when we said this but we said we wern't. We told them that we wanted to be apart of the counil so we could change things. And that's were it went wrong." Everyone stares at me.
"Well what he's trying to say is that we did something stupid but good after that." Says Ethan. "We declared war on them and said that if we win... we would become the rulers of this world." Everyone gasps and some start to cry. Like our mother. I get out of my chair and go round to her. "They took us seriously and now we are at war with them."
"Mum please listen. We didn't mean it. We thought we were doing right." I cry to her. I put my hands on her sholders but she pushes them off.
"Don't touch me Doren." I look at my dad who walks up to me.
"I think it's best if you two leave. Leave this family." He says.
"What? I thought you would come on our side!" Ethan says, coming up beside me. "Come on. You don't like the way we live, do you? Never getting to feed on human blood."
"We will fight this war, Doren. And you cant stop us. We need recrutes."I feel his mind take over mine, then I suddenly feellike I'm on his side. I am on his side. I was always on his side.
"Isn't anyone going to join us in this battle?" Ethan asks the rest of the family.
"I will." Our sister says.
"Thanks Luna. Anyone else?" Says Ethan. Our mother gets up and grabs Luna's arm.
"Your not going to fight with them Luna!"
"Mum! I can do what I want!" She crys biting her arm. I look round to notice everyone in the resturant watching us. A man see's my gaze and stands up. "I'll join you." I'm surprised and Ethan looks round.
"Hey look at that." He says.
"The names Delt." He walks over to us.
"Anyone else want to join us?" I ask the resturant. Another man stands up. So does his partner. With that the whole resturant is standing up, including the staff. The only people who arn't are the rest of our family. "So you won't suport us?" After all these people backing us up I fell more confuident.
"No." Says our dad.
That's when the window crashes down, showing us the army we're up against.

The End

[P.S. Gemma, this might not be as long as you want but I thouight that this is quite good. (: xx ]


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