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For Those Who Now Know Karma

By: ClayPlusTaylor

Page 1, Anyone wanna join a group WORLDWIDE.Well,its very easy to join!You just have to read this short passage,think about it,and what you think is right. -Taylor(In The Anti-Hurt Pets Group)

For Those Who Don't Care....

Ever thought of how our habits as humans can affect wildlife's enviroment?Does anybody really care?Do YOU care?Try to make this world better place.You know we aren't the only living and breathing things on this planet.Don't take advantage of animals.Make sure you don't litter!Some ways to help our wildlife and our pets is to eat less red meat and pick up litter if you see some!You don't have to pick it up often,but picking one piece of litter,you help this Earth be a better place!One by one,we can rebuild Earth's enviroment.Thousands of scientists are going into destroyed areas(That we caused to be destroyed)and finding thousands of suffering and dead animals!Are scientists the only ones that aren't chickens to helping Earth?I guess so!If your local area is a stray area,try bringing them to NON-killing shelters.A girl named Lisa Thomas,16,in New Mexico,is in a stray area.She goes to the shelters and spends 15 minutes with all the doomed dogs and talks to them.Even puppies are seeing that it is there time to go!Once it is there time to go,she knows that they die knowing that humans care.Also,CUT LESS TREES!Thank you....Have a great day!

Okay...think about this passage and see what you can do to become a BETTER person....OR HUMAN...

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