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Gifts in the basement

Short story By: cmccoy

Tags: Real, Life

I just wanted to share how great God has been to me and my family. I hope to eventually write a full book on my life, but, for now this will do.

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Gifts in the basement

My husband and I had been through many hard times in the past few years. One day while living in another state we decided to move somewhere to start fresh. His idea was to move to where he was raised. He had so many memories from his childhood and even as he grew older. This was 'his' state. This was where he was comfortable. So, without even a question, I agreed and we moved in mid summer, selling everything we owned including our car.

When we arrived, we had nothing except the clothes in our suitcases, a few pictures and each other. We had a little cash which we used for our hotel until he or I, whichever happened first, got a job. His plans, of course, were to go back to his previous employer who before he left told him if he ever needed to come back, his job was there. So, first thing first, he applied the following week. I applied for a restaurant as a waitress and got hostess instead. I began working full time, but we were already out of money and literally living off ramen noodles and ice water. We were dependent on that first pay check which didn't come until three weeks later. Luckily, in the meantime, He also began work. So, here we were, we both had jobs, little food, and no money.

Our rent was up in our hotel the following week and we did not know what to do. To make a long story short, he had a friend at work that he had previously worked with who was nice enough to help us out. Although we were grateful for the help and a place to stay, it was hard on our marriage. We said things to each other during the first sixty days of being here that we'd never said before. It was a very stressful time.

So finally, the day came when we were to move into our new apartment. It felt like years before we finally moved in! We didn't have much. Just our clothes, suitcases, two recliners, a mattress ( which were used gifts), and a very small television. Obviously just moving in, we didn't have cable or a phone yet. I was here at the house for twelve hours a day by myself with nothing to do but think. Yes, I was very grateful that finally we had 'made' it. However, as one stress was resolved, another took its place.

We had talked just in passing conversations how we would fix up the place. We talked about what we would buy. Now, the list I'm going to give you is real. This is everything we talked about buying for our apartment. We just knew it would take us at least a year to do it all. So, first thing, was a better television. Then, a couple of fichus trees, rugs, plant, a Chinese divider, candles, pots, pans, and a hanging net that goes over your bed. Okay, so out of all of these things how many do you think we got? If you thought all of them, you are definitely right! Now, let me tell you how that came to be.

In our apartment building there is a basement which also holds the laundry room. People throw things away all the time, trash and such. One day as I was throwing the trash, I saw a television by the dumpster. Immediately, I thought, okay, what's wrong with this? I carried it upstairs anyway, just to see. I plugged it in, and it worked! Perfectly, worked! So, I called my husband of course, and he was thrilled as well. The next night, the same thing. I went to throw the trash and found almost everything on our list! Crazy, I know, but true! There were two fichus trees, a Chinese divider, a net for the bed, pots and pans, three rugs, and several fake plants. Wow! That's all we could say. Someone was throwing these things away. However, the punch line is I don't believe this was just coincidental. I believe a higher power had something to do with this. I should tell you that we had just rededicated our life to Christ a few months earlier. If God wasn't taking care of us, then I don't know what it was! We felt and still feel so blessed that without praying for anything, He took care of us. It was just a reminder for us that even though we don't speak it, God knows what we need, want, and hope for. I just wanted to share this with everyone because it's so great what God does. I do intend to make this a full on book someday but for now, I just wanted to share.


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