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High School: Secret Crush

Short story By: Crimson Butterfly

Kelly Davis is walking across the hall to talk to her long time crush. Read and see what happens. ;)

A/N:: Just got bored and thought I'd write something. This is what came up. haha. :D


comment and give me feedback. :D
XP for once it's not about twins.


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As I walked across the room to attempt to talk to Michael I could hear my heart thumping. It was as if it was right by my ear drum. It started to feel like I was suffocating. He was standing there by the locker talking to his group of friends I really didn't want to interrupt and create that awkward silence. I don't even know what to say if I was to interrupt. I wish I could just talk to him alone, but I swear you never see guys at my High School, especially jocks standing alone. They travel in freaking packs like they're wolves or something. He is just so perfect standing there laughing and enjoying time with his friends. His perfect light brown, spiky, hair, and his beautiful, perfect, smile that just makes you melt. Oh and his dark blue eyes! Their so gorgeous like little pools of water or something I don't know. All I know is that when he looks at you with those eyes no matter how your feeling, everything is okay. I was halfway across the hall I had what I was going to say and everything was going perfect, then he looked in my direction!

Everything had stopped and more importantly I had stopped! I was stuck I couldn't move. I felt so warm I thought I was in an oven I could feel my heart about to pop out of my chest. I didn't know whether to continue or just stop. No I wasn't going to stop I was half way there. I can do this! I started walking again and I couldn't help but smile. I bet it looked totally fake but I only think that because it was. I can't really smile when it feels like my hearts going to pop out of my chest. I just hope I didn't look like some kind of fixed smile Barbie doll. I was so nervous I thought I was going to pee. I was now only two feet away. When did my feet start to move again? It was too late all eyes were on me at least that's what it felt like. He was really the only person noticing me. I took a deep breath and said, "Nice weather we're having, huh? I mean it's beautiful out." He looked at me for the longest second ever with those eyes then smiled, looked out the window, before he looked back at me and as the bell rang and my heart sang he said, "Yeah. I love rain. See you later Kelly." And he turned and walked away with his pack of wolves.

I think I almost past out because I finally noticed that I wasn't breathing and had to hold onto the locker wall because I started falling over. I also notice more importantly, he remembered my name! I had him in all of my class hours' freshman and sophomore year but I don't think he noticed me the way I noticed him. I don't think he'd notice my weird habits like his. His habits like the cute way he bites on his pens. Or when he's thinking hard he clicks his pen six times tap five then run the hand through his hair. Or when he isn't sure what the answer is in class when the teacher calls on him to put him on the spot her runs his right hand over his right eyebrow and laughs in a huff before taking a shot at the answer in his suave way. I doubt he's notice anything besides my name.

Who would remember a girl that wore pony tails all the time and was focused on her school work instead of her social status, then again who would want to remember? Nobody that's who! The only thing people remember when someone asks them about Kelly Davis is that she was the nerd who hung with the three kids that were labeled freaks. I swear high school has made my life hell. I hate the cliques and all the bitchy girls that judge you by how you look. It pisses me off that if you're different you're labeled a freak.

My mind shot back to reality as the bell rang once again signaling I only had two minutes to get across the school to my class. I was still leaning on the locker. I grabbed the book I held and pulled it closer as I rushed into the crowd of scattering students.


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