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John who cherish life:

Short story By: darkism

It was junne 1594,my freind yust woke up from the terrible dream.I know that because i was there,in mather affect i was in the same room as he.We were young students,best freinds.Our fathers was best freind also,but one think thats seperates from my family to his,is that we were rich,and the Johns family wasnt,but that didnt concern me....

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<Joung boy JOHN who cherish life:>

I will tell you the story of my freind John who was very anbicios and smart back in the days.He grow up in the small Village named Darkshore,who the people i meet wasnt very polite in the ways of good maners,but im not impressed,because the village had very bad history.WHY???YOU AKSED!? well for starters they didnt have any good sport or political lads who tried to put somthing diffrend in there lifes,so they yust work evry day untill they got tired and went home to clean the dark mude who was covering thers little bodys. ANYWAYS!! LETS MOVE ON!...

It was junne 1594,my freind yust woke up from the terrible dream.I know that because i was there,in mather affect i was in the same room as he.We were young students,best freinds.Our fathers was best freind also,but one think thats seperates from my family to his,is that we were rich,and the Johns family wasnt,but that didnt concern me.

I remember when John told me what i wonna to be when i grow up,and i say that i dont know,he was so laughing and worried of me that i scared myself to,thninking why is he scared over my future,if hes poor,but it didnt bother me,and we laugh togerher.When we stop laguhing i asked him what is hes dream,and ow well,he had big list of what he whant to became in life and what places he wants to see.So i told him that he borrow some money from me ,if he had strong wish to travel somewhere....And when i stopt the sentence,he just looked at me funny and sad that he dont need anyones money,and that he will urne it own its own.I was verry happy when he sad that,i think to myself that he must be really proud of himself,and it the right thing to do.To not be able to putyourself down in tuff times,when your freind and familly needs you.

Other day i woke up as always i didnt understand the life im live in,so i yust looked out of the window and potter the things i know... When i lookd at John we was very watery in the way that he had arms and holle body on water.so i wake him up and sad if he was swimming in the like while he was sleeping in the humuris way.And he yust lookd at me slowly and sad that he dont feels whell,so i was worried but most of all he to.So i sad i will carrey him in to the hospital,he agrees,and so he went to the hosital,in th emiddle of the road he was verry laud of the paing he felt in hes stomack,so i was verry scared and in the doupt that was somthing serios i run fast as i can.When we arrivey into the hospital the nurse took him and sad that they will do some tests on him to figure it out whats wrong with him.

I waited on the hall confused with mix of pain in my chest,unrealising what horror will i hear next....In the cuple of hours of me standing in the hall i felt asleep unknowing that im in the hostpital...so hole day past one...When the doctor receved the info. about my freind John we quicly woke me up and told me the worst news i ever heard,he told me THAT MY BEST FREIND HAS A CANCER!CANCER,IT CANT BE! i sad sadly and remorse over me ,and i cry cuple of min, ,when i stopt crying i told myself that i must be strong,the doctor point that is good that i told him about the John ilnes,so i went slowly in hes room,he was very happy when he see me,i can remmber it whell the sun shinnin in hes pretty face,the chick ways and proud to see me. A was very happy to see him to.so i smiled back,and hiding the remorse and hatred i felt from the world.

Slowly but gently i was speaking to him,i sad whell John i know how much you cherrish the world .more than anyting,and i know that you have lorts of plant in the future that you wonna to become true....when i was talking he lookd at me scared and confused.

ME: Infortinatly i have bad news.

John: What is it Sanel!?Is somthing wrong with me??

ME: Nothnign is wrong with you,but somthing is wrong with the life!!! i sad.

John: He was even more scared and his face turned pale

ME:Life is the murdereer why? because he want to take away my best freind John! ....You have CANCER John,im sorry that you heard it from me! (i was so depresd)

John: Im glad that you told me ,and know one else Sanel!, but if is the will of God that i must to underwold, then sall be it.

ME: Ow John,John....



We had long talk about life and hes desses,so in the middle of the conversaton,i told him that i will asleep at him in the hospital,he was liitle happy about it,so i felt asslep and we both talk all night untill the stars whent dark.


Other day i woke up in the pain in my back,when i looked at Johns bed,i felt somthing is wrong in my chest,so i quicly run to the John and felt the John pulse,it wasnt there!.When i notice that the John is dead ,my hole life flashes before me,why,because i couldnt reallize the lost .

BUt in my head i was very sad,and part of Johns dead,it died in my too.So i was very deeply focusing in the world in general,so i decided to write some storys,to keep me awake from this world ,and to think of my best freind John,who the life wasnt in vain!WHY'? Becasue i will make the best story ever,and the tittle would be: MY BEST FREIND JOHN WHO CHARRIS LIFE.

So years flew like a falling rain in the moonlight. IT WAS 13 YEARS PAST,and in 1604 i publish my first book called my best freind John who charris the life.In this book i write all the things i spent with my Johny and for the message in this book it is.THAT ALL PEOPLE MUST CHARRIS THE LIFE and live the life evry minute of theyre hart beat,...

I think that i put the end of the story for me and for John in that book.So i decidet to forget about the John,is not like is my wish to forget my best freind,but i must erase him over my head,in my sake,beacouse the knowing of lusing someones precios to you is verry stressfull and is killing you and all of the beloveones.

So i decidet to charris my life to,and know im living full speed ahead ,and i dont miss my oldself,I LIKE MYNEWSELF, i have know more energy and i think that the John would epreciet my direction that i putmyself in the future,and that is LIVE YOUR LIFE AS LONG AS YOU CAN!!

And my story ends here and know,im yust hoping that the dead of me,will be quick and unpainfull as the hatred of people,who soraund me.



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