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The Dark___

By: Darklily

Page 1, Once again, another short story. This one is about how despair consumes us, but that there is always hope.

Where did he go? My love, what happened, I’m so lost

without him? I don’t know where to go now, there is nothing

for me in this life. I had a purpose with him, but now,

nothing. I tried to see the light, but there was only darkness.


The dark surrounded me, taking me further from the light,

pulling me closer to the edge. As I near it, I see the darkness for

what it really is, a serpent trying to swallow me. I call out for help,

I reach for something to hold on to.

As all hope seems lost, I feel something grab me

and I close my eyes. It takes me away

from the darkness, and into the light. I open my eyes to see

his face. He opens his mouth to say something, one word. Hope.

I wake from my sleep and I know I was dreaming, but it was

also real. I know now to not lose hope, that there is a light,

even though he is gone. 

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