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The Lonely Road___

By: Darklily

Page 1, About someone very heartbroken.

I walk this lonely road, cold, dead inside. Nothing will ever

bring me joy again. Nothing can replace what I have lost. My heart

craves for the love of one who loves another. It cries out for her in

the night, but to no answer.

She is far away in another place, oblivious to my eternal

pain which she causes. She is in a place where the sun smiles

down on her face, but here, the fire burns mine. The sun mocks

my pain. The lonely moon, my only friend.

Every night I think of her. Memories flood my mind, first the

good, then the bad. Every night my heart is torn from my chest

and crushed before me. I pray for Death to release me from this

world of pain. I beg for him to come, but he never does. Am I to suffer


Alone, wandering, waiting for her to save me from this

place, but I know she will never come. No one will help me, no one

can. My heart will not allow it. I wish to go on, but my heart stays

with her. My heart is stupid, my mind is wise, my spirit, broken.

They can not agree, but they must. They have to. For how

can one live if they don’t? One can’t, it is impossible. So do I live?

My heart beats, but does that mean I am living? For my heart

beats, but it has no reason to, and if my heart has no reason

to beat, why does it still? Am I truly alive?

Am I dead? I feel dead, but my heart still beats, my lungs

still breathe, how? My spirit tells them to stop, my mind tells them

to beat and to breathe, my spirit screams at my mind to quiet. My

heart doesn’t listen to either, it does what it wants.

What the heart wants the heart gets. But what if what the heart

wants can’t be had? Who controls what it can’t have? She does.

Why can’t my spirit have what it wants? My spirit wants to be free,

but my heart belongs to one whose heart belongs to another.

My spirit will never be free. I know that now. All that is left

for me is to walk .To walk this lonely path, quiet, cold,
dead inside.

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