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Three Really Short Stories

By: Darklily

Page 1, The first one is about a young girl who acts like she\'s the center of everything, but she hates this about herself. The second goes along with The Lonely Road___, and the third one is about someone who has to try so hard not to be seen as his father.

See the True Me


As I hide behind my foolish actions, my

mischievous ways, my heart and soul

scream at me to stop, to show others the

real me, but I can’t. All they see is the arrogant

little girl, not the brave young woman.

I want to learn how to be myself

around others, I know only then

will they see the true me.


I Say it’s Fine, but it’s Not


On the outside I say it’s fine, that I don’t

care, but on the inside, I still love her.

Though I ran from home so many years

ago, I still long to go back, but I can’t.

There is nothing there for me, nothing.


I Am Not Him


Who am I to them? My father? No! I am not

him, but that’s all they see now. I’ll prove it to them,

they will see that I’m nothing like my father.

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