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The Realm of Insanity

Short story By: DarkMindedChild

A short story of a young child who wanted only one thing in life.

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Into the Realm of Insanity
Nobody knew of the evil and anger in this 15 year old child, not even he knew of its full power that it had on him. He was trapped in his own mind wanting so much for it to die even if that meant he had to die himself. All he wanted was to be happy but the evil around him refused to let this happen.
The signs of this evil were with him from the very beginning. The sounds of footsteps in the hallway all throughout the night didn't bother him as a child, but as he grew older her understood that this was something evil. The more he expiremented with drugs the further he went down into the realm of insanity. The first very obvious sign that triggered it all came to him the day he smoked spice. The voices in his head warned him that he was going insane. From that day on he felt the evil around him and inside of him.
But on the outside everyone knew him as the kind and happiest person in the world, completely oblivious of the pain he held inside. By nature he couldn't be sad in front of others, but behind closed doors it was all he could be. The constant use of drugs didn't help this one bit. As life went on he dragged along his sadness hoping one day he could find something that made him happy. This hope was one day answered or so he thought.
He wanted to get his life back on track. His grades were dropping to an all time low, he never cared about anything, he was smoking everyday, but one thing would make him change all of his ways. That one thing was true love. An ex of his had re entered his life, and he fell deeply in love with her. She encouraged him to stop doing all the things he wished he had the strength to do, and with her he gained the strengh. Everything began to look up for him he thought he would actually be happy. He was switching schools to get a fresh start and his smoking became this often.
All until the day that she decided to crush his heart and leave him without any explanation whatsoever. The same day he found out he wouldn't be able to register at his dream school. All alongside the constant arguing and criticism from his parents, he fell back into his depression. All that happiness, all that good gone within a day. Emptiness soon replaced it along with drugs. Everyone wanted him to be happy, but how was he to do it with nothing that made him happy.
More expirements led to the loss of his health. His hunger was no longer existant. The strength felt like it was being drained out of his body, but there was nothing he could do to stop it. The evil fed off his sadness and was now much stronger than this boy. After 3 years of this depression the boy died at the age of 18 due to "natural causes", but only he knew that it was the sadness. No one knew of his depression, no one had cared enough to just help him get the one thing he always wanted. His own happiness.


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