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All Just a Dream.

Short story By: desjane1

Just a short story I suppose.

Submitted:Mar 25, 2012    Reads: 111    Comments: 28    Likes: 9   

When I look out at the clouds floating by, I look over at you. Your face, your smile, it all makes my life worth while. Makes me think, I'm glad I never went through with what I wanted because I may not be where I am today, with you.

You smile at me, and I smile right back at you. We both go back to lying on the grassy hill on our back watching the clouds floating by. The sun is out, brighter than ever. It's beautiful.

You get up to leave, and I look at you with a questioning look. "Where are you going?" I say.

You give me a weak smile, and sit up, "I have to go, and so do you." He states.

"Go? I don't have to go anywhere, and neither do you." I say starting to get up.

"Yes, go. G-O. Two letter word. I have to go back to her." He says with a smirk plastered on his face.

I stare at him in disbelief, "Her? You mean… HER!"

He nods, "Yes, her. And now, goodbye to you, and to me." He says as he shoves me off the edge of the hill which turned into a cliff.

I'm falling, oh god, this is high. Wasn't that just a hill? What just happened? Where is he? Why haven't I hit the ground below me yet? A million questions go through my mind before I feel the impact. The pain, there's so much pain. Why doesn't it hurt anymore? Wasn't there just a ton of pain shooting through my body?

"Good morning." He says smiling at me.

I look at him, "huh." I say.

"Huh." He repeats, "what's the last thing you remember?"

"Um," I say trying to remember something. "Nothing."

That smirk comes back to his face, "Good."

"Wait, what happened? What did you do?" I say a little distrusting him.

"Nothing, nothing at all." He says slowly while staring at something off in the distance.

I stare at his eyes, they're different, they are no longer filled with the life and joy that used to occupy his eyes, now they're dark, empty, emotionless. What happened to him? Why can't I remember?

"What happened to you." I spit out.

"Nothing." he continues to stare off into the distance, "I just watched you die."

"N-no, you didn't." I stutter out, "I'm right here." I put my hand on his cheek, "see, I'm right here."

He gets up with anger, "No, no, NO!" He screams while shaking his hand in my direction, "You're not here, you're just a part of my imagination! You died!" He starts walking the other direction scrubbing his face with his hand.

"I didn't die, I'm right here. I'm talking to you." I say from behind him trying to keep up.

"You're dead!" He screams at me while he turns around to face me. "You're dead."

I look at him, his eyes, I miss his eyes. The life that used to fill them. That's when I notice the tears forming in his eyes.

"LEAVE ME ALONE!" The frustration clear in his voice, "please, just leave. I can't do this anymore." He's begging now.

He drops to the ground, head cradled in his hands, "I can't do this, I loved you, and you died." He looks up at me, the tears streaming down his cheeks.


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