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If I Were a Bird.

Short story By: desjane1

If I were a bird.. wrote this after an exam.

Submitted:Jun 16, 2012    Reads: 3,022    Comments: 21    Likes: 5   

I watched the poor struggling bird trying to fly against the wind. My only thought was ' stupid bird, fly in the other direction.' But that's when it occurred to me that maybe the bird needed to go somewhere like us. However, wherever we go is just another place compared to where animals can go. At least with animals, where they go is important, like they go and get food for themselves or their young, or they're migrating. Sure, we humans go to important places too, like to get food or got to work to make money to get food. But sometimes it feels like all we're doing is nothing when you watch the animals. Sometimes I feel like my life is nothing compared to an animal's, it's silly because I know we all have a purpose. Maybe it's because I don't know my purpose in life, maybe that's why I think an animal's has more purpose.

I wish I was an animal sometimes, preferrably a bird. If I were a bird I wouldn't need to earn money in order to survive in this fucked up economy. I wouldn't need to spend it recklessly or at all for that matter. I would be getting my own food, I'd be building a home, not furnishing a pre- built one, or even have to worry about the bills that would never go away. If I were a bird, I could fly. I mean, sure I can fly now for a certain amount of cash that I wouldn't have because they're paying my bills. I would fly South for survival, not for a vacation. If I were a bird, I would struggle with flying, or maybe just use the wind to my advantage to get up in the air.

Birds are beautiful, some look strange, but they're all beautiful anyways. I can say that I want to be a bird if I want to. Birds don't have to pay of anything, don't have to make money, they know the meaning of survival, and they don't pollute the earth with their ways of transportation. Sure, there are plenty of cons to being a bird. Swallowing a humans gum, garbage, and killing myself because of that. Eating fish that isn't safe because of humans and their mess.

But if I was a bird, well, it'd be different. But I'm a human. A human that has to put up with other humans, and their damaging ways to the environment. Littering, oil spills, toxins, the usual [which shouldn't be]. Humans aren't the only ones who struggle, in fact, we are causes for many animal extictions because of our interferring, but who cares right? Humans are superior. *sarcasm.

If only I were a bird.


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