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Eternally Alone.

Short story By: DisguisedSoul

In a strange place with a strange feeling a girl is left alone. She doesn't know where she is or why. Even her appearance seems unscathed by life. What is this place, and why is she here?

Submitted:Nov 20, 2012    Reads: 28    Comments: 6    Likes: 1   

I woke up in a daze, unsure of where I was, feeling the sun beating on my skin. Yet, my skin, my touch, it felt cold like there was no blood flowing through me. I could not waste time, I decided, I have to get moving and find out what's going on. So I started through the trees and pushed small branches out of the way and stepping over fallen trees. As I went on, I began to see light shining through the trees and I moved faster and faster, when I tripped. I fell over a hunk of metal, completely misplaced. I pushed my face off the ground and shook off the mud and grass on my face. I looked at the ground with a sigh and stood up. Looking out into the unnatural hole the size of a football field I saw human bodies. Dead human bodies.

I picked up the metal and looked at my reflection. Everything on my face looked like a sculpted goddess but it was tainted. The eyes were black and there was blood on my face. It was not mine. Did I kill these people?

I could not look at the bodies any further for fear of discovering a horrific truth. I took off. Needing to get away from the sight of the dead. After running a few yards, I stopped. There was a crystal blue lake glimmering in front of me. I could see straight through it, but not even a small fish was swimming here. I was truly alone, only the dead were here with me.

I took a chance and jumped into the lake. Swimming felt wonderful, and I didn't feel the need to catch my breath and come up for air. Why did I not tire or even require oxygen? I found the edge of the lake again and crawled out.

I stood up quickly and just ran. I don't know why I ran, I just felt like I should. At least, until different types of trees came into view. I slowed to a walk, taking every step in stride looking at the majestic scenery. These trees were shining and glimmered with sunlight. It was a beautiful forest and there were no trails. The smell of the fresh air was truly wonderful. Still, something was missing. My heart now weighed heavy in my chest. Again, the loneliness was setting in. I had no one here, and I could not truly enjoy this alone. I missed everyone I loved and that I cared for. So, I kept walking with my head down and I felt like I should cry, but no tear came. I fell to the ground, breathing heavily. Then I heard my name called. The voice sounded familiar and lovely to my heart, it was my husband. I began to try and stand up and run and I may have tripped over my own feet a few times, but it didn't matter. My love was here, and so was my family! We kissed and I stayed in his arms, smiling for the first time since I was here. Then, I could not feel his arms anymore. I looked up and they all began to fade away and dissipate into the air. I had imagined them, I hallucinated

I could feel my expression become hard and cold. There was a mountain nearby and I went to go climb it. I could get a better view of the land from there, maybe even a way to leave this place. At the top of the mountain I looked in every direction. This place was absolutely breath-taking. There was no way out though. It was beautous forest and sparkling lakes everywhere I looked.

I climbed back down and sat, leaning against the mountain. I tried to remember what happened before I was here. I wouldn't have minded if I remembered something horrible, as long as I remembered something. I could not. Nothing came to mind, I forgot everything except my family and husband. Although, I could not remember anything we've done together.

What happened to me? I was sad, but again, no tears. Then, something came to mind and I tried and tried to remember it. It came to me in that instant. My husband had said to me "It's okay, you can go. I'll think of you always, I love you." He kissed me on the forehead and everything went black. I quickly grabbed a sharp rock close to me and cut myself with it. Yet, no blood was drawn, and it healed instantly. I finally figured it out. I'm dead.


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