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The Id Challenge

Short story By: DragonsSong

Off a challenge, not sure what will come of this attempt....

Submitted:Oct 30, 2009    Reads: 81    Comments: 3    Likes: 0   

Tathran kept walking even when the footsteps behind him picked up their pace. He knew it would be stupid to try and run now. They'd only make it last longer.
The alley they were walking through was derilect and empty for several blocks ahead of and behind them. He closed his eyes as the first of the three caught up to him. The hard fist on his shoulder was only the beginning.
He woke up curled into a tight ball against a wall that smelled as if it had been dipped in feces. He shivered in the cold and stood. His entire body ached and he couldn't remember where half of the bruises had come from. He sighed tightly before stumbling towards the mouth of the alley. A man was standing in it.

"Tathran, odd name. You don't seem very wise to me. My name is Id." The man had a smile that set Tathran on edge.
"I'm wise enough, and I don't care who you are. What do you want?" The man seemed to be baring his teeth.
"It's not what I want, but what I'm going to do for you. Oh, will have such fun." Tathran backed away a step.
"I don't want you to do anything for me." His voice was off, wary. He didn't want anything to do with this Id's fun.
"It doesn't matter what you want."
Tathran turned to run but felt a hand land on his shoulder, grip like a vise.

Mark spotted Tathran coming towards them. With a smirk he turned to Lucas and James.
"Hey, look what the cat dragged in." He turned back to Tathran. "What? Didn't get enough attention with us earlier? Ha ha. Than why don't you come over here for a second helping." He pounded his fist into his open palm.
Lucas and James slowed their approach as they caught sight of Tathran's expression. It was nothing like what he usually wore. His eyes were the oddest thing they seemed haunted in a face that spoke of mischief, a walk that spoke of confidence.
Mark swung at Tathran and screamed as he grabbed his fist, crushing it in his grip as if it were nothing more than a wad of paper. Tathran smiled.

Id happily wrote on the wall of the alley in the blood of one of the three boys. He wasn't sure which, and didn't particularly care. He glanced over at the bodies, content in the happiness of the beauty he'd created. He could never be accused of posing his playthings, that would ruin the beauty of the violence. He thought back to the boy he was currently inhabiting. Maybe he would make him wise. He smiled wickedly.

Tathran woke in the alley he'd seen the strange man in. He was glad to see that the male was no longer present. He glanced over at the wall. Images poured in, he screamed over and over until he couldn't scream anymore. Then he say against the wall, mumbling to himself about dark and light, beginnings and endings.
He was found in the same position, still mumbling, almost a day later by the police. He was only to alleys away from the butchered bodies of three boys. He was covered in their blood. When they attempted to question him he mumbled on and on about a being named Id.
He was taken away to a mental hospital. They say he lived for nearly a decade in there, screaming about demons and angels. He was never brought to court due to a plea of insanity on the behalf of his parents.

Id smiled from his place in the shadows as the world moved on, bringing him his next host, and his next victim.


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